Vous n’aurez peut-être pas d’iPhone 14 Pro à Noël à cause du covid


Apple has an iPhone 14 Pro and an iPhone 14 Pro Max potential over time and the mois to buy, due to China’s anti-covid political action. Les délais de livraison de ces modèles risquent de s’allanger, les rendant plus difficiles à trouver à Noël.

C’est une prize de parole rare. From November 6 to 7, Apple published a communiqué on its official site to expose the situation of the iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing. Elle is mauvaise. The American company participates in an important part of the production of the model, whatever it is, for the clientele, it is a tradition of the délais de livraison beaucoup plus longs.

« Covid-19 restrictions are temporarily impacting the main iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max assembly site in Zhengzhou, China. The feature of our device is considerable capacity », est-il écrit dans le très bref point de situation. Consequently, il sera is very difficult to respond to the question of mois à venir.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max. // Source: Anthony Wonner for Numerama

The difficulties encountered in the province of Cupertino in China’s « zero covid » province are very important for the population and for economic activity. The confinement is so hard that the masses of fast parfois allow the quarantine zones for most of the movement restrictions and the never-ending tests.

It’s just what it is that has passed in one of the major iPhone production centers in China. In Zhengzhou, in the center of the country, authorities have placed a week-long quarantine in the industrial zone. Plusieers who are employed cannot discover the month of October.

Improve iPhone production outside of China

The inexorable political party of the communist Chino face in pandemic, there are no differences in the mois not to expose the faiblesses and the mistakes of Xi Jinping’s strategy, but not to see the spectacular results — also in the country of the country If you refuse the importer of vaccines ARN Occidentaux, préférant, par nationalisme, compter sur ses laboratoires, moins efficaces.

If the situation for Apple is not known that the iPhone 14 distributor has certainty about the year-end celebrations, I am sure it is a crucial period for the phone industry. The clientele can be gossiped about the different models of the game – the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus – which are not mentioned in the situation.

iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner for Numerama
L’iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner for Numerama

Apple dépend eenormément de la Chine pour la fabrication de ses produits, pour ne pas dire quasi exclusive du pays: à l’heure actuelle, les sous-traitants chinois produisent plus de 90 % des produits Apple, don’t environment 98 % de l iPhone . L’usine taïwanaise de Foxconn, in Zhengzhou, employs 200,000 people. C’est dire le caractère crucial de l’usine.

Apple planche on a diversification of production in the world, notament en Inde, for an exhibition on Chinese politicians. Bloomberg estimates that factory capacity is 10% of production capacity outside of China. Although the favorite apples of apples, mais ses installations sont limitées — le pays ne peut soutenir que 3 % de la production.

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