vous aurez droit à ce nouveau smartphone pliant


Après le Honor Magic V, the brand Honor presente son smartphone compliant Honor Magic Vs the new generation. At the moment it has been introduced in China, more contrary to Honor Magic V, the Honor Magic Vs sera bel and two – comme attendu – lance ultraeurement in France.

Magic vs. the Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung have a size similar to a pair of pliers and can buy a book. There are two devices equipped with a mobile platform Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 the Qualcomm.

Thin pods of 261 g, the Magic vs. is the smartphone presenter that is pliable and most of the action. It is 6.1mm thick and 12.9mm thick. Sa charnière est composée d’éléments don’t le nombre a été considérablement réduit.

Pour autant, la charnière permet d’encaisser 400 000 overtures and fermeturessoit deux fois plus que pour le Magic V. Pathetically honor the equivalence of plus de dix années d’utilisation raison de 100 overtures en fermetures par jour.

Dans les standards de ce marché

The new Honor poster on one of the most important OLED smooth 7.9 screens (2272 x 1984 pixels) with a high resolution of 90 Hz and a maximum brightness of 800 cd/m². The OLED exterior of the couverture is 6.45 pixels (2560 x 1080 pixels), 120 Hz, 1200 cd/m²2. The two devices are equipped with 1920 Hz PWM dimming technology to illuminate the light.


The smartphone has a module photo with main camera of 54 megapixels (Sony IMX800), 50 megapixel ultra wide angle and 8 megapixel telephoto lens with 3x zoom option. There is a 16 megapixel captured photo on the main photo and the couverture couverture.

Le Honor Magic vs embarque une battery of 5000 mAh It is fast compatible with 66W Honor SuperCharge charging. A full charge time of 46 minutes. It works with MagicOS 7.0 (Android 12) and charges the Magic Pen styling.


Prix ​​en Chine (and attendant ceux en France)

En Chine, le Honor Magic Vs is available in three colors (orange, cyan, black) and three configurations:

  • 8 Go de RAM + 256 Go de storage: 7 499 yuan (1 010 €)
  • 12 Go de RAM + 256 Go de storage: 7 999 yuan (1 080 €)
  • 12 Go de RAM + 512 Go de storage: 8 999 yuan (1 210 €)

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