Voici les spécifications du Huawei P60 Pro, avec une niveau massive du processeur


There are already a lot of rumors about Huawei announcing a reveal flagship P60 and Mate 60 and mars prochain, il fait s’attendre à ce que les rumors s’activent.

Resume and une seule image, the latest specifications of the current construction of the final version for the purchase of the Huawei P60 Pro. If the cela is soit génial, it is informateur n’est pas très actif, il faudra donc prendre cette information avec des pincettes.

Notes on big improvements: the passage of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Alors the last chance of 5G capacity being capped the next quality from Qualcom is a must-have and a tweak twice for a flagship Huawei the new generation that is on a pu voir par le passé.

Usually, aucune information about the amount of RAM and stock. Find out more about certification IP68, ce qui means qu’il est total étanche à la poussière et résistant à l’eau.

There is a lot of information, the front camera of 32 megapixels is very good, newer Samsung applicant of the captors plus large parts of the past, the main configuration of the camera is remarkable. If you capture the Galaxy S21, the device is equipped with a second object of 64 megapixels, but you can also consider a 12-megapixel object. independent, with the Huawei P60 Pro, the main capturer and the capturer ultra-large passenger of 50 megapixels, there is built-in configuration and usability.

Deux functional functions ?

Well, the message loud content contains two additional indications, it seems that it is embedded in the image of the image — or a simple way to avoid the language barrier. L’une d’entre elles concerne the main configuration of the camera, i.e. the variable form of an overture.

If you choose the nouveau in the world of smartphones, the Huawei Mate 50 is probably one of the many features on the board: it means that the overture can be adapted to automate the beauty of the day’s images, and privately then the big plans, it can be a greater benchmark for the situations of low luminosity.

L’autre est communication by satellite, which has become popular in recent years, Apple has pioneered the launch of an SOS service. If you assume that the function is to be fulfilled my way, it is possible that users seek some kind of contact with emergency services, but they cannot get into nature.

Il reste encore pas mal de temps avant le mois de mars, dat à laquelle le Huawei P60 Pro sera soi disant dévoilé. Si c’est bien le cas, comme le veut la coutume, nous devrions voir de nombreuses autres fuites dans semaines à venir.

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