Vivo X Fold Plus launch confirmation contains a first glimpse of the premium Android foldable device’s new colorway


Update: Vivo has now gone ahead and finally set a date for the formal launch date of its X Fold+. The OEM now claims it owes its new token suffix to its “evolvedform of power, which probably refers to its premium Galaxy Z Fold4-challenging specs.

On that note, Vivo has now also revealed that the X Fold+ will have pretty much the exact same build as its predecessor, right down to the OnePlus-esque Alert Slider. Therefore, it can bet on fans who might want it because of its new red colorway and possibly improved performance.

The final details, including price, should be revealed on September 26, 2022 at 7:00 PM Beijing time (1:00 PM CET).

Original article: With the Vivo V2229A reaching TENAA, the OEM has decided to go ahead and confirm that the device will launch soon as the X Fold+, the late 2022 update to its original first-generation ultra-premium Android phablet.

Now Vivo is reportedly claiming to have taken its specs and made it even better in the X Fold+. On the other hand, since the device comes with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, those improvements in that regard could be incremental at best.

On the other hand, the X Fold+ is now supported to improve its main party piece with a revamped “aerospace-grade floating winghinge withstands up to 300,000 bending cycles (compared to 200,000 in the Galaxy Z Fold4).

It’s also touted to maintain opening angles of 30°, 90° and 120° independently, in a manner similar to its closest rival from Samsung. Vivo has yet to comment on whether it will have the same screens as the original X Fold, though it claims at least 1 of them has already achieved an A+ rating from DisplayMate.

There’s nothing new about that in all honesty; However, Vivo has now also confirmed that it will be powered by an 80W battery boosted to 4,730mAh in rated capacity. At the very least, these nominal upgrades will come in a new color option, living up to the “Deep Red” moniker from a previous leak in a new teaser.

That image also hints at Zeiss branding for the upcoming flagship device’s quad rear cameras. Vivo has yet to mention when this premium foldable reboot will happen, though it can’t be far off at this stage.

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