Vivo unveils newest flagship with self-designed imaging chip


Vivo has unveiled its latest X90 smartphone series, which is equipped with a self-designed V2 imaging chip. [Photo provided to]

Chinese company Vivo has unveiled its latest flagship X90 smartphone series, which comes with its upgraded in-house V2 imaging chip, as part of its wider drive to stand out in the midst of stiffer competition.

The move came after Vivo took the top spot in the Chinese smartphone market in the third quarter of this year, despite the overall market decline.

Since 2021, Vivo has launched two self-developed chips, the V1 and V1+. The new V2 uses an AI image signal processor architecture, achieving overall improvements in on-chip memory, AI computers and image processing units.

Huang Tao, vice president of Vivo, said the company wants to push the boundaries of the smartphone industry.

Vivo will ramp up its efforts to improve mobile imaging capabilities through internal research and development and collaborative innovation, the company added.

The latest data from market research firm International Data Corp shows that Vivo was the top smartphone vendor in China in terms of shipments in the third quarter of this year with a market share of 20 percent. It was followed by Honor, Oppo, Apple and Xiaomi.

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