Vivo TWS 3 Pro Is Industry’s First Full-link WirelessTrue Hi-Fi


Vivo TWS 3 Pro Introducing

The Vivo X90 series was officially launched on November 22. As the opening act of the new decade of the Vivo X series, the X90 series is not only the pinnacle of image performance, but also a design paradigm. In addition, it also brought the world’s first true Hi-Fi wireless headphones – Vivo TWS 3 Pro and TWS 3.

According to the introduction, the Vivo TWS 3 Pro is the industry’s first full-link wireless true Hi-Fi, solving industry challenges such as lossless audio transmission, ultra-low distortion decoding and ultra-wide sound units.

It also brings with it new computational acoustic technology that optimizes sound quality in real time based on different hearing curves of the human ear, headphone structure and wearing status, as well as spatial audio that supports head tracking and collaboration with video platforms to deliver massive multi channel sources.

Sound quality, Vivo TWS 3 Pro built-in 12.2mm ultra-wide sound unit, with 3 nanocomposite diaphragm, frequency range of 5Hz – 40KHz, the sound range is twice the traditional sound device.

In terms of noise reduction, this headset has a maximum noise reduction depth of 49dB, while the noise reduction bandwidth of 4000Hz, a comprehensive noise reduction capacity of 2 times, can effectively eliminate more noise, but also according to environmental conditions change, intelligent adjustment of quiet and comfortable degree.

Vivo TWS 3 Pro specs

Not only that, the headset broke the endurance record, up to 10 hours of listening on a single occasion (Pro 6.8 hours), with a charging case you can listen for 40 hours (Pro 30 hours) without ANC. The new product also supports 55ms low latency gaming, sensorless body temperature monitoring, Vlog 3D binaural recording and other interactive experiences beyond the flagship level.

Comparison Vivo TWS 3 vs TWS 3 Pro

The difference between the TW3 Standard Edition and the Pro Edition is that the Pro has a very low distortion of a THD+N of 0.002% or lower, while the standard version has Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise.

Vivo TWS 3 vs TWS 3 Pro price

The vivo TW3 will go on sale on November 30 and the TW3 Pro will go on sale on December 6, priced at 499 yuan and 999 yuan respectively.


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