Vivo announces that the X Note Aerospace Edition comes with its own little piece of the moon


The X Note is the first flagship smartphone released by Vivo since 2020, and it seems to have hit every premium note possible on its return to this echelon of the Android market. Furthermore, it even stands out with a larger screen than usual.

Nevertheless, Vivo has chosen to also grace the X Note with one of the most eye-catching Limited Editions out there. It’s new”Space travel“variant is basically one of the phone’s regular 12GB RAM/256GB internal storage SKUs with the phone’s stitched leatherette back in blue; however, it’s tipped to come in a much larger box with a particularly special free gift.

It consists of a short leather cord with a piece of lunar meteorite at one end. This shard of “achondriteis encased in its own specially treated little glass globe for posterity. It’s not clear how much it currently costs to get hold of this kind of Easter egg, though it might even be more than the X Note’s typical 6,499 yuan (~US$ 1.020) for this configuration.

Vivo has announced that the X Note Aerospace Edition will be available during flash sales starting every day from now until April 22, 2022 through the brand page on

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