vers un nouveau modèle de pliant face au Galaxy Z Fold 4


Huawei has just launched production of a new smooth production, the Huawei Mate X3.

Le Huawei Mate X2 for illustration // Source: Evan Blass / Voice

Huawei is preparing to generate a smartphone that is foldable in the smartphone format, intitulée Huawei Mate X3. Selon le leaker Wangzai knows everything (through notebook check), ce model aurait passé la phase du prototype, ce qui signifierait que sa commercialization et son lancement approach. Il viendrait’ begins a mass production phase.

If you make an attempt, it is not possible to get a smartphone to go inside, with the Huawei Mate Xs 2, a similar size to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can be chosen. avec les standards and place.

4G certificates, more than enough money

The phone is integrated into an environment that can be used 8 times as much as externally, do not ignore the specifics. Huawei has made an attempt to match the price of a previous report, which gives a good chance that a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 4G connection will be present.

Rappelons die Huawei devrait également composer avec des competitors de plus en plus nombreux sur le segment of pliables livresques. And plus the Samsung, Honor whispered that it was a son of Magic Vs in France, and he had to deal with Find N2.

Rappelons has blocked Huawei from accessing Google’s services to trigger a US embargo. It is a real reason that changing the phone, what you are looking for in Europe, no devrait pas intégrer HarmonyOS non plus.

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