Union internationale des télécommunications : Partner2Connect veut connecter 120 M de personnes isolées


120 million people living in the protected zones plus the 80 paid benefits of the Partner2Connect program of l’Union internationale des télécommunications (ITU). The aim of the project is the fetch of meilleures connections to the Internet or mobile devices that are mauvaises or non-existent.

Partner2Connect’s alliance number is a computer from a new member, Huawei. The multinational Chinese a, en effet, annonce, le mercredi 23 novembre, qu’elle intègre l’alliance. It was announced by Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, on behalf of the Sustainability Forum 2022, Connectivity+: Innovate for Impact.

« La connectivité sera plus qu’un simple outil de communication pratique. The connectivity, associated with numerical technologies that tell the cloud and the artificial intelligence, contribute to fair access to the world than the global numbering and access to the benefits of information and competences, to the meilleur services and the commercial opportunities plus greats. And return, cela favorisera la poursuite du social and economic development », commented Liang Hua.

Huawei apportera notamment son support technique. « Boasting the capabilities of the company plus the complètes of information and communication technologies, Huawei integrates the potential innovation technology complete of equipment, sites, energy, transmission and antennas that target the most difficult ways to carry out traditional implementations, tell about the high levels, the transport restrictions, the manque d’energie and the maintenance problems », explains Cao Ming, President of Huawei Wireless Solution.

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