une prise en main vidéo montre le design des 4 smartphones


The iPhone 14 gets an extra. An informateur will provide a video of the price and the most important realisée avec des maquettes. The order may be an idea of ​​the new design that suits Apple.

The iPhone 14’s game continues with the faire couler de l’encre. Plusieurs mois avant la keynote de presentation, des fuites sont venues leverage le voile la composition de la gamme. Comme l’an dernier, Apple’s new smartphone en 4 models. The group has a fixed offer.

Abandon the mini models, don’t let the ventilation blow catastrophically 2 generations. Apple launched an iPhone 14 Max several times over a year ago. The offer is complete with a standard model and two Pro versions.

Sur le meme thème: the A16 of the iPhone 14 Pro is announced as the proche of the A15 of the iPhone 13

Meet the new design of the iPhone 14

Des mois avant le lancement, a video of the grand prize of 4 smartphones est apparue sur la toilette. Sonny Dickson, a publisher of Apple’s new products, has a big effect on the models of the iPhone 14. The 3D models are intended for coques and accessories.

They represent the design of the iPhone 14. Unsurprisingly, the models confirm the future fuites. On y découvre a block photomassive and imposing sur la face arriere. As an example, two models shoot a triple photo. I’m afraid of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Anyway, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max has a double capteur glissé in a block of carré arondi. Two versions are available that can be linked back to a new destination later. On the contrary, the editions Pro troquent l’encoche contre un double trou dans l’écran. The cavités are not invisible on the black of the unités factices.

Apple has shown the design angular inaugural with the iPhone 12. The installments feature plates on different presentation models on the video. And depite the plusieurs changing aesthetics, the iPhone 14 is one of the proches of the most predécesseurs, the iPhone 13.

At your invitation in confidence à la découverte by Sonny Dickson. The informant has published more information about the confidential information on the different types of information. It is a new design of the iPhone 5 or the plusieurs iPad. On the other hand, once managed to make an iPhone 13 teardown for the keynote.

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