Une pénurie de 6 millions d’appareils à cause de l’usine en Chine


As a result of this time, Apple has faced the site disruptions of iPhone production in China. Know more about a plus, about the production shortfall of iPhone 14 Pro models.

In fact, the iPhone manufacturing site in China is located in Zhengzhou and is the largest use of iPhone manufacturing in the world and near Foxconn. nous

Appel has some well-known problems downtown, not the spreading local COVID-19 and meme a violent event. Of course, it seems that the situation of the used iPhone is in most cases a complètement réglee, probably allowing a perfect production and a base of the estimate of the production unit.

The amelioration of the situation depends on the capacity of Taiwan’s quadrnisseur to avoid the chain of mounting on the road and the honest revenir of the production of the violent manifestation. Anyway, if the blockade caused by COVID continues, nous pouvons nous attendre à ce que les impact sur la production soient encore plus graves. In fact, the company records an environmental shortfall of 6 million units for the next models of the iPhone 14 Pro series.

For abseiling, Foxconn’s plus grande usine is a confrontation with violent émeutes suite aux nouvelles embraced après de verrouillage of COVID-19. Of course, certain workers start demonstrating, confirming that they are not aware of the restrictions of the embauche.

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