une offre d’abonnement pour faire passer la pilule de la hausse des prix ?


The price of the iPhone 14 is superior to the iPhone 13. Apple is prevoirting an Apple One subscription system for multiple users of the app and convenience.

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The coup of the keynote Apple is imminent, and it will be the iPhone 14 that is the office of the star of the soirée. Nous vous reports here qu’il faut s’attendre à une sensible hausse de prix, à hauteur de 120 euro pour tous les modèles de la série. An additional tariff linked to the distribution of the iPhone Mini provokes the passage of the psychological psychology of 1000 euros for the money-making iPhone 14.

Pour faire passer la pilule auprès des consommateurs, Apple aurait trouvé un parade. Selon Mark Gurman, journalist from Bloomberg If you’re aware of Apple’s plans, Cupertino’s company has made a subscription offer. If you have a subscription to the Apple One service, you can bundle subscriptions that are suitable for Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+ (such as Apple Fitness+ in the premium formula).

Question for a subscription Apple One with iPhone 14 ?

Actulement, un subscription Apple One Individual, soit l’offre la plus abordable de la marque à la pomme, for 14.95 euros per month. You don’t have to immediately ask if you can make a mistake to receive an iPhone 14. You can inquire about the terms of the offer: can you take advantage of a lease form with the option of buying a smartphone at a time or simple location? If it’s for two reasons, just imagine Apple proposing an iPhone 15 client.

Whether you want to buy an iPhone 14 through Apple, one of the most interesting financing for your lenders, or the smartphone you buy, and you can chat immediately. Apple uses the iPhone 14 to use more encourager l’subscription à ses services, qui sont le nerf de la guerre aujourd’hui. If you are aware of the US group, it is likely that this new situation is so attractive from an economic point of view.

Source: Bloomberg

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