Un stylet Apple compatible iPhone a failli voir le jour


Cupertino’s company is available in boxes compatible with an iPhone stylet, but the project takes less than a minute. Do you affect the limitations of the techniques of the iPad 10th generation?

A recent rumor, Apple will launch a new pencil, but the project will be stopped within the minute. The development of the product stands for déjà suffisamment avancé pour être entré en production. Plus d’un million d’unités on dû être mises au refutation.

The rumor was published on Twitter by DuanRui, connoisseur d’Apple. It confirms that the style holder has the name of the code “Maker” (plus probably Marker indique le site 9to5Mac). The verified device of the iPhone’s launch on September 14. The origin of the rumor from a source Weibo (social Chinese), which is a jamais communiqué from autres éléments about Apple auparavant.

An ideal price for iPhone and iPad 10e generation

Même le prix était connu : 49 dollars. Two different models of premiere generation ($99/109 euros) and the 2nd generation ($129/139 euros). The compatibility with the most demanded long-term iPhones is greater than the compatibility. If you pay a price, it is visible and basic that you predécesseurs, without detection function and without battery. It’s one of four in the world, a mechanism used by Samsung’s S-Pen.

If the rumor is still out, you can get an answer to a question about another product Apple: iPad 10e generation. At the beginning of October, the tablet was gratinized by lesson tests on compatibility with the Pencil 1st generation. In fact, a dongle is necessary for the charger and the tablet adapter. The response, maybe, it’s possible that Apple has a different plan, more than ever it’s a tombé à l’eau. Le Marker does double duty with the iPad 10th gen, and has a budget public attire with a price plus bass. If you are using the iPhone phone, you will get a quality report.

It is strange, and fait, Apple did not manage to implement a project, and there is no reason why the source Weibo was not present in the indexes on the reasons for this decision. More than ever we tell it’s an idea, when we make an invention, we know that Apple is a real reality.

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