un smartphone milieu de gamme puissant et endurant


Affiché à surrounding 500 euros selon de revendeur, the smartphone presented a series of functional features that returned to the phones plus « haut de gamme ». As proof, for the beginning, there are large amounts (6.67 pouces, Oled) très lumineux, qui affiche des couleurs très claires et naturelles, très bien calibrées. Ideal for watching the videos or the transports in the municipality, for example, from the inside to the outside. There is a way to control the frequencies, the function can be changed by a great rarity in accordance with the price.

The point fort du Honor 70, it is without struggle for autonomy. Did not manage to buy several mobile phones, buy an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, with a battery that was used up quite quickly during the trip, you could manage to use it twice. For anyone else, the phone is available with a 66W charger in the boot, the quoi faire le plein en moins d’une heure. Ideal for nouveau for lesson trips or for quick recharging between two rendezvous.

A bon eleve

Anyway, the two objective photos are massive: a premiere of 54 Mpx in wide angle, the second in 50 Mpx, and ultra wide angle. With the best lighting conditions, the clichés that are detailed, the lighting is bien gérée, the même that has the color calibration and contrast. And revenge, the appareil montre ses limites quand l’environnement is plus sombre surtout quand on prend des photos «à main levée». It’s not until you get a phone from the game’s environment that there’s an achievement you can’t afford to miss. For example, a Google Pixel 6a, for example, fait beaucoup mieux.

In this category, ce Honor 70 figure parmi les très bons élèves. A luminous and fluid clothing, a photographic equipment during the journey and, surtout, an excellent stamina and font an appareil des plus efficaces in the environment of the game.

Le Honor 70 is available from 549 euros for Orange, or for 1 euro with a subscription.

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