un nouveau modèle inspiré de l’iPhone XR arrive dès 2023


Alors qu’Apple has examined the difficulty of the iPhone SE 2022, a new report claims that the manufacturer may launch a new version of the iPhone that can be purchased.

L’iPhone SE 3 Credits: @xleaks7

Deux of après le modèle precédent, Apple will launch a new version of the iPhone SE on the debut of the année, which is compatible with the new 5G. And dehors de son processeur plus puissant, Apple can not improve the technique of the chip, et encore moins le design de l’appareil.

The design of the iPhone SE consists of a facial figure in the same way, with retrouve toujours a small LCD screen 720p in 16:9 format with many colors. Ce design requiring maintenance for iPhone 8, and meme à l’iPhone 6 de 2014, it doesn’t seem like the customers know what it is, and Apple will probably get a lot of samples. If you get the money back, the manufacturer will consider sorting out a new design model with a new design.

An iPhone SE façon iPhone XR will arrive in 2023

As an après-l’iPhone SE 5G 2022, Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone SE in 2023. Jon Prosser indeed has a predit on the podcast Geared Up qu’un nouveau smartphone abordable arriverait l’année prochaineavec cette fois-ci le design of the iPhone XR. Cela confirms that there is information about a report, which asks Apple to sort an iPhone SE face iPhone XR.

Contrairement aux modèles haut de gamme, The appareil sera donc toujours doté d’un écran LCD and non OLEDbut abandoning the actual design for a design without a board and an encoche. The new design signed the fin du bouton Touch IDwhich is being replaced by a biometric system Face ID.

If Apple immediately claims the design of the iPhone XR, one of the 6,06 pouces or the smartphone sera plus compact or two plus grand can be purchased. Jon Prosser pretends The device can provide a kind of comparability of 6.1 pouces, a camera from 12 MP, an autonomy plus a trip and a certification IP67 for water resistance and poussière. If the rumor confirms that Apple has introduced the new clothes of the printemps 2023, so it demands an après-l’iPhone SE 5G actual.

The son of Ross Young, the industry’s plus-fiable analyst, a déjà announcement from Apple prévoit de sortir an iPhone SE quatrième generation with a large number of 5,7 pouces of 2023perhaps it is not known whether a counting model that keeps the bouton Home and the bords supérieurs and inférieurs or adopted a recognized person with Face ID.

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