un iPhone 14 Pro Max incurvé fait surface sur la toile


Après l’iMac without “menton”, voici qu’un new appareil Apple is a turnaround by a maker of plutôt malin. This is what it’s like to use an iPhone 14 Pro Max. A technician who enjoys changing the design of the cell phone has probably opted for the limitation of Apple’s material restrictions. In fact, it’s easy to disable the iPhone and use the modifier of the sort…

Ici, toutefois, pas de problème : the prototype is the final function. Celui-ci are similar with an original model, except for another difference. For example, the plates that you can use to take the shape of the chassis suggest Samsung on the Galaxy technology with Edge technology. What advantage? A great potential, without the occupant taking up space in the utiliser’s poche, car can’t wait to enter a modification power.

La meme fiche technique sous le capot

As a part of the dalle, the creator, who is part of the concept of Twitter, ensure that the autres composers have the memes of an iPhone 14 Pro Max classic. On retrouve donc une puce A16 Bionic and 6 Go to the memory for propelling the exploit system, accompanied by triple photo shots and a LiDAR for the actual expansion. The Lightning port is one of the most common lots, but most models proposed by the passé de remplacer -avec efficacité- par un award USB-C universelle.

Pas si pratique…

Bien que l’écran incurvé sur les côtés puisse efficiencyment offrir un meilleur ratio taille/écran, it is not possible to be in the quotidien. Une tell diagonal is ainsi bien plus exposée aux reflets et lesson nouveaux bords deviennent presque inutilizables. Samsung uses the development of apps unique in this new interface more successfully than ever before.

Non, ce qui serait vraiment bienvenu, c’est un iPhone concave plutôt que convex. Whether Android builders find the solution for their own with LG’s G Flex or Samsung’s Galaxy Round more than that of the general public. It is possible that the television viewers and the external monitors are a profitable déjà magnifier for the coordinators.

On sait par ailleurs qu’Apple travaille sur des ecrans flexibles depuis plusieurs années maintenant. If the system is intended to be suitable for an iPhone, make sure that the comfort is not optimal. Seuls des brevets et des rumors unfold this possibility at the moment.

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Par: Keleops AG

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