un iPhone 14 et des AirPods 2 pour 999 €


CDiscount a chance for a special offer on the iPhone 14 of 128 Go dans de color is min for Black Friday: it is a proposal in a package with a pair of AirPods 2 for 999 €. The iPhone 14 costs €1,019 at Apple, and the AirPods 2 sold for €159 at the Apple Store. At 999 € instead of 1 218 €, ce pack bénéficie donc d’une remise de 18%.

The importance of the draw is nuanced: the great offers of AirPods 2 during Black Friday with a rate of 119 € for CDiscount and même of 99 € with the promo code “20AIRPODSCD” if you are a member of the CDiscount program à voluntary. If you find that you are not a price comparator you have small draws on the iPhone 14 and the revendeurs – you don’t know the color of the stellar light is € 969 at Amazon – more offers from CDiscount reste plus benefit from AirPods 2 vous faisaient de l’oeil. Please note, the validity period of this offer is n’est pas précisée.

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