Un iPhone 1 entièrement neuf vendu plus de 35.000 euros aux enchères


On the iPhone 1, the new premiere of Apple’s commercialization, it was sold 18 years later. The smartphone is part of a ligne for $ 35,414, so plus the 35,300 euros, report numeric.

Mis sur le marché in 2007, soit il ya quinze ans, le téléphone de la marque à la pomme était vendu neuf et n’avait jamais servi. It is not worth buying, encore scellée par le plastique de conditionnement, précisait la maison d’enchères RR Auction sur site Web.

Funtionnel mais hors d’usage ?

The iPhone can contain a model with no storage capacity of 8 Go. If all accessories are available, the smartphone is more likely to be operated. In fact, the most advanced technique, the system of iOS exploitation and telling the development of the iPhone risks the new proposer of the usage restrictions.

In fact, the iPhone is sorti, the first version of IOS ne disposait ni de l’App Store, ni d’iTunes Store. Impossible donc de télécharger Snapchat ou sa musique favorite sur ce téléphone à 35,000 euros. This is likely the preuve that Apple’s old models, early in the $500,000 Apple 1 retail price in 2021, are high on a high price from the collection agencies.

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