un fournisseur d’Apple tease un changement de taille


The iPhone 15 Pro makes a big difference to the iPhone 14 Pro. An Apple furnisher can ensure that the smartphone is deadlocked on the mechanics of the tranches. If you have a series of advantages, you should not have a meilleure resistance à l’eau.

D’après les analysts financiers of the British bank Barclays, Apple and the intention of tire a trait that touches physique on the tranches of the iPhone purchased at the end of the year. The iPhone 15 Pro, the brand’s high-range smartphone chains, always have the best models in a deadlock on power and volume.

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Apple has a problem with an improved Taptic Engine

For our predictions, the analysts reviewing the proposals of four Apple experts, Cirrus Logic. In a letter to the activists, the Texan company and the révélé s’engager avec a partner strategy for commercialization « a nouveau composant HPMS in les smartphones l’année prochaine ». Cirrus Logic used a new version of High-Performance Mixed-Signal Chips, starting with the iPhone’s Taptic Engine. When abseiling, there is a system of vibrations, which traverses a tactile surface like an écran, for communiqué with function.

Selon the Barclays analysts, the Cupertino contender to see if much more is possible des boutons tactiles that replace mechanical touches from the iPhone. C’est l’un des cas d’utilisation potentials du composant, estiment les experts :

« The plus major change in the new iPhone models available is the replacement of boutons, which the pilots can additionally use for their haptic engine, it is possible that the usage of the plus probable new component ».

Ming Chi Kuo, the informant specializing in Apple’s products, shows the meme sens. The next time, the analyst predisait déjà qu’Apple replaces all mechanical commutators of the tactile elements. Ces Surfaces Seraient Capables de simulating the function of a bouton physique grace à deux motors haptiques. The vibrations used can be used when the volume is changed or when the volume is swapped. The surfaces can be used by my husband using the MacBook’s trackpad or the Apple Watch’s tactile feature.

Cirrus Logic’s PDG, John Forsyth, confirms that the new version of HPMS has been approved for the second semester of l’année prochaine. If Barclays analysts are aware of the integration of the iPhone 15 Pro composer, the September 2023 presentation will not be available.

The distinction between the physique and physique hits the frame l’inauguration of a new design for iPhone files plus haut de game. It is possible to add apples to the effect of significant changes in the aesthetics of these fleurons. Aux dernières nouvelles, the firm leaves the sourdough for the titane. The plus, les angles seraient desormais incurvés versus l’arrière, de manière que les tranches metalliques se fondent avec le dos en ver mat. Compared to the iPhone 15/15 Plus, money premium, the content of a similar design is similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. The seraient d’ailleurs toujours equipped with physical touches on the tranches.

The benefits of the different touches

Note that Apple is never the next manufacturer to leave the tech boutons. According to a well-known rumor, Samsung intends to begin the march/arrêt and volume of the Galaxy S25 in 2025.

The difference in touches offers additional benefits. And tirant a feature of the boutons, the manufacturers can be significant better learning from clothes. Volume and food consumption represent a point of entry for liquid, but the precautions apply to constructors. Here’s what you can do if you use the card for the SIM card, as far as the popularity of eSIM is concerned.

The plus, the mechanical mechanisms of the terminal are susceptible to failures, for example a parachute or poussière infiltration. On its site web, Apple met d’ailleurs en garde sa clientele en assurant que « the functioning of the bolts » risque d’être entravé « par des débris ou saletés ». It’s rare for the iPhone’s tech tools to come back multiple times. If the problem occurs, Apple recommends the net yer with chiffon. The tactile touches are common with the type of problem.

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