[TUTO] Comment Fly sur Pokémon Go sur IPhone ?


Did you get a chance to use Pokestops and Gymnases in your district? Have you discovered the treasure troves and the surprises you have recently discovered in the streets and cities? Um, you are the ideal candidate for using a fake GPS Pokémon GO. There is an ensemble of localization methods for Fly on Pokémon Go. One of the things that you can do is that you are on your way to a great deal of great distances. Oui, your pouvez uses Pokémon Go without a pouce of your comfort zone and your pouvez jouer or vous voulez dans le monde.

If you are looking for another Pokémon Go joystick on iOS, we have an easy method and a plus compliquée. Suivez le guide!

Method 1. Fly Pokémon Go iOS secured with Tenorshare iAnyGo

Le premier tool simple, rapide et efficace est Tenorshare iAnyGological change of emplacement, your permettra de vous téléporter dans Pokémon Go en toute sécurité and a subsequent click on the function “Change emplacement”.

You can use the most interesting features of iAnyGo that you can choose for multiple simultaneous users:

  • Change the placement of the iPhone at any time and do not import it.
  • Faux plusieurs emplacements iPhone simultanément.
  • Regulate the vitesse de déplacement.
  • Importer of the GPX itinerary sheet.
  • Change the placement based on the applications on the localization.
  • Sign up for preferences.

The plus, with logic logic, you can make a schedule of two points or pluses.

Perform the procedure to be “fuller” in your Pokémon Go using Tenorshare iAnyGo:

  1. Tenorshare iAnyGo free download et install the logic on your Mac or Windows admin.
  2. Lancez-le, connectez your appareil iOS à votre ordinateur et sélectionnez la 4ème option « Joyvement du joystick » depuis l’interface principale.
  3. Arrange the vitesse de déplacement en faisant glisser le curseur de vitesse jusqu’à la limite don’t vous avez besoin. You can choose from the march, the bicycle and the vitesse de conduite. La vitesse maximum que vous pouvez avoir est de 72 km/h.
    Change Position Gps Iso Joystick Gesture Interface 2
  4. Before the end, faites glisser le bouton du milieu pour faire une boucle relâchez-le. Il démarrera votre automatic movement à la vitesse definition. If you hold the motion, you can adjust the direction of 360 degrees.
    Change Position Gps Iso Joystick Gesture Interface Gesture 3

Vous pouvez découvrir d’autres astuces pour fly on pokemon go also suivre ce tutorial en vidéo pour savoir comment jouer à Pokémon GO sans bouger (iOS):

Method 2.Use a VPN for a fake GPS Pokémon Go iOS

This application is available for Mac so you can use Pokémon go. More users, the installation of the logic logic is a compliquée, the plus, it is a little effort to detect your iPhone connection to the controller. Malgré ses inconveniences, voyons comments fonctionne this application:

Xcode is a version of Apple developed in 2013. It is a localization simulation for Apple to test different products without showing.

This method is a person plus compliquée, you can commit yourself to adjust the parameters and the configurations of the apple for the user.

If you do not know the details of the technique, follow the tapes that you can use to simulate the localization of Pokémon GO to the Xcode assistant:

  1. Download and install Xcode application on your system Mac.X code
  2. Après avoir lance Xcode, sélectionnez «Créer un nouveau projet Xcode > Application à vue unique».
  3. Use a USB cable to connect your Mac or your iPhone.
  4. Entrez “Name of the product” and choice “Suivant”.
  5. Select a placement of your project to do this.
  6. Connect to your identifier Apple: Xcode > Preferences > Computers > + > Identifiant Apple > connect to your compte.
  7. Select « equipment » from the déroulant menu and click on « > » .
  8. When the building process is finally completed, select the placement near your GPS simulator.

The placement of your iPhone is often replaced by the placement you can choose.


There are methods and techniques for Fly on Pokémon Go without you knowing it. The different logics and methods Pokémon Go joystick on iOS presents itself with the ability to move in your hands that you can use. It is not worth paying attention to a fake GPS Pokémon Go. Gardez à l’esprit que Niantic – the developer of your – interdit the usurpation of GPS identity, you must follow the procedure with caution to ensure that you are compte ne soit banni. When you arrive, you will receive even more warnings. Alors pas de panic, vous pouvez tester ! The plus, you can make it a compte supplémentaire to test the joy of the fly. We don’t encourage you to spell out the rules of your life, but rest assured that your Pokémon GO knowledge is vast.

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