Travailler avec Huawei donne un « avantage », estime Sunrise UPC


Liberty Global, owner of Sunrise UPC, does not cooperate with Huawei’s Chinese telecom group. ‘Nous perdrions un avantage competitionl’, stated jeudi son director général, Mike Fries.

Huawei is a mobile telephony device polled by the new Zuercher Zeitung. “If the political use between Huawei equipment, nous nous y tangen, évidemment.” Plusieurs pay, don’t les Etats-Unis, with the exception of Huawei for the development of leurs réseaux 5G.

M. Fries is conscientious that the collaboration with a four-man chinois-comport entails a certain risk. There is a political decision that will not take effect during your lifetime. In case it is necessary, we can replace the capital letters with Huawei components in case’.

Liberty Global rates are valid in Belgium, Pays-Bas and Grande-Bretagne. Des hausses de prix ne sont ‘only exclusives’ in Switzerland, ajoute le director général. ‘Sunrise n’a toutefois encore rien décidé’.


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