Transférer facilement des données d’un Iphone à un Android 


This is the price for transferring from Android phones to an iOS phone containing Android phones, plus special logic extras in données transfers. Reussir ces transferts respond?

Is it possible to transfer the données from an iPhone to an Android?

With the development that is familiar with the computer science and communication of our time, the use of mobile phones has reached a great change, having a great impact on the mode of the world.

It affects the development of the level of function of all industries. And the reason of the small, the nombreuses are impressed by the fact that smartphones were designed during the 1990s. 2007, il a rapidement connu one grande popularité chez les consommateurs.

Certainly the price of transferring from android phone to ios phone available for android phone special logic extras in données transfers call Wondershare MobileTrans this is a help in transferring guaranteed transparency important things of an iPhone versus your new Android. If you are using your new Android phone, you can use the simple setup instructions to complete the données transfer procedure. You have the question to connect your old iPhone to your new phone Android and use the cable from your iPhone or without file. Tout au long du processus, vous aurez des instructions qui vous aideront lors du transfert de vos données.

Teaching methods for transferring données

You can use two methods to transfer the données from iPhone to Android or vice versa:

iCloud: Après avoir sync your iPhone’s données with ICloud, you can use Smart Switch for your Android transfer.

A note that this method is not possible to transfer messages, iTunes music or videos.

Cable USB: Use your iOS cable and a microUSB to USB adapter, you can connect your iPhone and Android. Once connected, launch Smart Switch on your Android and start transferring your iPhone apps.

Les messages, the music and the videos can be transferred using this method (the music and the videos cannot be transferred if they are not protected by DRM).

In addition to the two methods, you can use a logical professional call Wondershare MobileTrans, so that you can charge the transfer of your données in a safe way.

Do you have the features of Wondershare MobileTrans?

Wondershare Mobile helps you in the process of transferring your contacts, apple journals, government multimedia files, the knowledge of mobile phone operating systems. You can make your smartphone données pay attention to your coordinate in case of any restoration in the world.

There are features for transferring threads to WhatsApp from the phone source and an important direction for the new phone, which you can use on an iPhone or Android. It is an easy process, safe and no need to avoid moments.

You can transfer the photos from iPhone to Android, or from applications, from chansons, from messages and from videos. The données can be used to transfer des cases selectively and easily.

Voici donc les two main functions:

Function 1: Direct transfer from iPhone phones to Android.

· Function 2: Using the sauvegarde of the coordinate for the transfer of données. (Transférez d’abord les données de l’iPhone versus l’ordinateur, puis exportez la sauvegarde de l’ordinateur versus le téléphone Android.)

Transferring the données from iPhone vs Android to MobileTrans assistant?

Stage 1 : Sur your ordinateur, téléchargez and installez le logiciel MobileTrans. Connect the two appareils à l’ordinateur. For the procedure, select « Transfer from phone » and « Phone to phone ».

Stage 2 : Ensuite, select the transfer information and click on the « Démarrer » button. You have the opportunity to surpass the données that exist before the transfer.

Stage 3 : In quelques minutes, the selection of données seront transférées or copies on your Android device. Veuillez ne pas débrancher les appareils pendant que la migration a lieu.


If you use Wondershare MobileTrans, you have the option to use a logic polyvalent tester and be trustworthy. It is one of the most popular brands of smartphones and tablets that works for iOS and Android. There is an option to connect your devices faster with mobile devices that are suitable for Windows or Mac.

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