toute la gamme tombe déjà en promotion chez RED


The iPhone 14 is Apple’s latest apple, more than the souffre of a price plus its previous owner. So, RED is launching a promotion on the new range of Apple smartphones.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

What are the promotions of operators concerned about smartphone sales? Certainty of RED wants to propose a draw on the new series of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In fact, s’ils sont pris en complément d’un forfait mobile without involvement, RED vous cash on delivery 50 euros sur la facture finale. The iPhone 14 is suitable for 949 euros instead of 999 euros.

The iPhone 14 has a coup:

  • un module photo here progress ;
  • the big, punchy Bionic A15;
  • an improvement in autonomy.

Le meme en mieux

The lovelies of the iPhone 13 will not return on the iPhone 14. Celui-ci depict the design of the designer’s son, notamment le form factor rectangular, avec les bordures carrées. As mentioned earlier, there’s a 6.1-pouce OLED that’s perfect for a small encoche. The quality of the image is excellent, grace à une calibration de la dalle proche de la perfection.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

So, if you bring back the new A15 Bionic, the iPhone 13 has become popular. The CPU benefits from 6 processors and the GPU but the 5. This is a better processor than the previous mode. The iPhone 14 is capable, ce qui lui permet de gérer tout type tâche sans souci, meme les jeux les plus gourmands. Without the new iOS 16 which offers an experience encore plus customizable quantity.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

When it comes to a photo, the module can compose two 12-megapixel cameras. There is no difference in level of objectives from the main camera with a stabilized camera with a lens range of f/1.5. result? The mode nuit est two fois plus rapide et les performances en basse luminosité sont améliorées 49 % selon la firme de Cupertino. Change the camera selfie, make sure there is an autofocus, you have to use a working point once.

A smartphone plus autonomous

There are a number of times when the iPhone has had a good autonomy improvement. Et l’iPhone 14 ne déroge pas à la regle.

Apple increases the battery and caliper capacity to 12.68 Wh (12.41 Wh on the iPhone 13). If you get anodine, it’s possible that the iPhone 14 will complete a journey of heavy use. Et même deux avec une use moins gourmande. Une très belle performance pour ce type d’appareils.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

The véritable noir de l’iPhone 14 reste son prix. Anyway, it is déjà possible to buy a smartphone premium at a discounted rate. RED proposes an amount of 949 euros with a fee of 50 euros with a fixed mobile margin of 100 Go sans engagement. Celui est facture 15 euros par mois.

Les autres promotions on les iPhone 14

The Pro versions of the iPhone 14 contain the models of the plus notes of the new Apple range. Notamment en raison d’une nouveauté majeure, à la fois material en logicielle: le Dynamic Island. This is the name Apple has given to the cameras and FaceID captors on the face. Sauf qui’ils about the particularity of the animations of the logic functions of plus the effect. When you are on Dynamic Island, you can choose the music reading, the minute, your apples and two other cars, you can choose to use your iPhone. A nice innovation from Apple.

How new is the waistline of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: the camera on it has the main captor. For the premiere on an iPhone, at 48 megapixels. Cela permet aux nouveaux iPhone the profit of technology pixel binning if you look at the clichés with plus the details, the luminous conditions are particularly important. On video, the iPhone 14 Pro looks great.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max // Source : Apple

Finally, the new iPhone Pro has its own advantage of the A16 Bionic version. A processeur offering des haute volée performances guarantees a fluidity without failure with plusieurs années. Combine à la généreuse politique de mise à jour d’Apple, vous vous retrouvez alors avec des smartphones faits pour dure au moins 4 or 5 ans.

RED at a cost of 50 euros for the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Pour cela, you develop a forfait de l’operateur. A draw qui vous aide à profiter de la nouvelle gamme d’iPhone without avoir à payer plein pot.

This article is a recent collaboration with RED by SFR.

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