Tous les iPhone 15 devraient profiter de la nouveauté phare des iPhone 14 Pro


Apple can take advantage of the resizing capabilities of an iPhone that proposes the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max on the iPhone 15. Depending on the Always On or ProMotion mode for the iPhone 15, it is possible to use it.

The ability to switch between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 is a (life) critique of Apple’s keynote at the moment. If you’re looking at the Pro versions, keep in mind that replacing the cell with a poinçon that causes a pilule’s attraction is avoided. Vient avec elle la function « Dynamic Island» more information about the context of this pilule. A function suitable for general use of all models of the annual overview.

«Dynamic Island» about the iPhone that will be available in 2023

Selon Ross Youngchairman of Display Supply Chain Consultants, teaching modules «standards» the iPhone 15 is equipped with Dynamic Island apps and can also be used to use the iPhone X. The basic version of Plus mode is equipped with the first version of Dynamic Island. A way of new possibilities on the models of moins chers.

Comme le recall9to5Macqui relaie la nouvelle, cet analyst se base généralement sur «des sources et des informations provenant de la chaine d’approvisionnement d’Apple» it is reliable.

The Always On mode and the ProMotion are not present on the iPhone 15 Pro

On Ross Young’s information, the approval chain cannot be supported by the license of 120 Hz and LTPO. As a result, there are no ProMotion and Always On modes available on iPhone 15 and 15 Plus.

iPhone 14 Pro and Son Mode Always On // Source: The Verge

Because there is a lot of information, Apple adds consistency to the iPhone range. With the arrival of Dynamic Island to different models, the manufacturer can raise the standards of these models with a certain mise of your visual importance. If so, continue to use ProMotion’s server and Always On mode for the Pro models. The functions that you can use to return to the iPhone 15 Ultra can be prepared by Apple.

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