Test Oppo A57 : peu de puissance mais de l’endurance


L’A57 is nowhere near a photographic material. Whether photo or other exploitable modules, the smartphone with a 13 megapixel main capturer, with an optical wide angle, and a 2 megapixel profondeur capturer. It is not intended that this parmi les photophones-nés class, and the manque d’office de polyvalence, be unable to get stuck on the ultra-wide angle.

Module principle : 13 megapixels, f/2.2, eq. 26mm

Si le Galaxy A13 has clichés of 12.5 megapixels (with pixel binning, son of 50 megapixels or compteur), the A57 captures the 13 megapixel images. There is no other way than that this is a competitor. The images are often cruel in piqué, and certain details are totally disparaging in the battle: the lignes figurante les zones marines sur la cartographie are brouillées as an example. If the whole is brutal, it may be better that the image that remains in the periphery is appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy A13
Oppo A57 (13Mpx, f/2.2, ISO 129, 1/50s)

Les dégâts sont plus cruels en basse luminosité. The image is truffée de bruit et ses extrémités souffrent d’un vignettage visible, qui les rend unexploitables. Bref, l’ensemble is peu lisible.

Samsung Galaxy A13
Oppo A57 (13Mpx, f/2.2, ISO 4901, 1/14s)

Module frontal, portrait mode and video

The performance of the Oppo A57’s dorsal module can be compensated by a frontal photo app. With a definition of 8 megapixels, you can capture selfies with a large number of photos for satisfied users. Le détourage, disponible en façade comme au dos, a tendance à manquer de finesse, mais le level de flou (à 60% par défaut) peut être ajusté par l’utilisateur. Anyway, a video mode is not stabilized, and Full HD à 30 i / s, is available on the front for everyone. Utile surtout pour des videos d’appoint.

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