Tesla ouvre sa conduite autonome (FSD) à tous aux États-Unis


Après avoir progressive accès à sa bêta dite de conduite autonomous complète (FSD) au cours des dernières années, Tesla l’ouvre tous ceux that payé pour l’obtenir, an announcement Elon Musk in a tweet. Oui, celui qui a racheté Twitter le mois dernier et qui y travaille jour et nuit, n’oublie pass ses autres sociétés.

La vraie conduite autonomous pour tous

Voici l’annonce de Musk:

The Tesla Full Self-Driving beta is available for toute personne en Amérique du Nord, en fait la demande sur l’écran de la voiture, and assumed that you can use this option.

Félicitations à l’équipe Autopilot/AI de Tesla pour avoir franchi une etape majeure !

The FSD function is an extension of Tesla’s “Autopilot” function, which allows the intensification of the automated functions in the city, the automatic stationing, the summoning of intelligent vehicles and the reconnaissance of traffic circulation and the panneaux d’arrêt. This position is a mise à level payante don’t le prix est de $15,000, après une huisse de prix de $3,000 in September.

tesla model s 2021 1

Tesla has promised that it will become an autonomous plot in 2018, but in the fall of 2021 it will have a small name of “conductors experts et prudents” l’essayer. The FSD feature is more widespread than ever in version 9.0 beta, but the subjects are limited to an anticipatory program. For the latest version of the FSD, Tesla has abandoned the requirement of a minimum of 100 miles in “Autopilot” mode and a safety score of 80, and maintenance, which can be very common.

In fact, Tesla deployed FSD on a large scale at a time when the goal of a detailed examination of the part of the regulators has been achieved. La National Road Safety Service (NHTSA) conducted a recent investigation into a series of Tesla accidents that are implicitly the part of the models. According to the framework of a separate investigation, there is a probability of plus the 30 incidents implicit the system “Autopilot” lazy-meme.

Elon Musk promises an autonomous complète without staff that gives the refugee a certain temporary déjà. In addition, if a return has been made to arrive a year later, it is likely that there will be earnings confirmations in the society’s latest report on results. Tesla’s move is a connu a forte bearish ces derniers temps, suite au rachat de Twitter par Elon Musk for $44 billion.

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