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Color influences and reflects almost everything in our lives: our moods, feelings, personality, art and even our style. Combining the power of color with advanced technology, vivo has equipped one of its latest smartphone lines, the vivo V25 series, with the new Photochromic 2.0 technology.

A first in the smartphone industry, vivo’s proprietary color-changing technology allows the vivo V25 series device to change into stunning colors when exposed to UV light. So whether you go for what blafada night out or documenting content for your next vlog, you can rest assured that with the colour-changing design of the vivo V25 series you’ll always be in style.

But what makes the vivo color-changing technology really special?

Enchanting designs that evoke positive feelings

When vivo developed the vivo V25 series, it didn’t just think about a device that would match your OOTDs and style. vivo has also taken color psychology into account to give you a feeling of comfort and warmth, bringing you closer to nature every time you look at your vivo V25 Series device. Under the sunlight, the photochromic molecular structures in the back of the vivo V25 Pro Light Blue variant change to a deep blue hue, making you dive into the deepest ocean. And when the phone is removed from the sunlight, the subtle light blue hue returns, reminiscent of the color of the sky. This innovation gives you the calm ocean waves and serves as a reminder of a glorious sky that makes you feel peaceful.

Like the Pro variant, the look and feel of the V25 and V25e also try to connect you with nature and generate positive feelings. The back panel of the device changes from gold to orange-gold and red-gold when exposed to sunlight, reminding you of the beauty of the sunrise.

While the Photochromic Technology 2.0 only applies to Surfing Blue (vivo V25 Pro) and Sunrise Gold (vivo v25 and vivo V25e), the classic black colorways of the vivo V25 series are no less attractive with its carefully crafted back cover. The back of the vivo V25 Pro Starlight Black is decorated with glitter that depicts a tranquil night sky illuminated by millions of stars, perfect for stargazers and daydreamers. The Diamond Black color scheme of the vivo V25 and vivo V25e also demonstrates an understated yet undeniable elegance under the light.

Strikingly beautiful and strong

The back panel of the vivo V25 series is made of anti-glare and scratch-resistant Fluorite AG Glass. This specialized glass is strong yet ultra-soft to the touch, giving the phone a premium and delicate feel. As a pioneer of Photochromic 2.0 technology in smartphones, vivo takes it a step further by combining it with Fluorite AG Glass that gives each beam of reflected light a softer, more refined glow that gives your phone an understated yet punchy style of its own. When exposed to sunlight or UV light, this beautiful back panel also allows you to create creative prints on it, so you can design it the way you want.

In addition to the striking design, the #NightPortraitMaster has much more to offer. Beneath its trendy and chic exterior hides powerful performance and impressive camera specs.

Made for more

vivo is constantly exploring more advanced craftsmanship and manufacturing capabilities to bring new smartphone photography breakthroughs to its models, including the vivo V25 series. As the #NighPortraitMaster, the vivo V25 series features superior camera capabilities and advanced imaging technology that also supports night shooting. It features 64 MP OIS that allows the photographer in you to capture sharp and clear photos and stable videos, even in low-light conditions. The vivo V25’s front shooter doesn’t lag behind the main camera, as you can take perfect selfies with the 50MP Eye AF Selfie-ready lens.

What’s even better is that with the massive 256GB memory of the vivo V25 series combined with a dynamic RAM of 20GB, you have more freedom to capture the special moments of your life anytime, anywhere, because it gives you enough space and power to store all the things that matter. for you – whether photos or apps. When the sun goes down, the 4830 mAh battery for the vivo V25 Pro and the 4500 mAh battery for the vivo V25 and vivo V25e ensures you have enough phone battery left to do more of what you love. The vivo V25 Pro’s 66W FastCharge also helps you not have to spend a long time charging, as it can charge your phone from 0 to 100 percent in just an hour.

The sleek appearance, advanced camera features and powerful performance of the vivo V25 series at a competitive price is not only a handy smartphone buddy that can meet your digital needs, but also is a perfect premium gift for friends and loved ones. these holidays.

Now available nationwide, the vivo V25 Pro in Surfing Bue and Starlight Black retails for PHP 29,999, the vivo V25 retails for PHP 23,999, while the vivo V25e with the mesmerizing Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black retails for PHP 17,999. vivo is sending out a final appeal to vivo and LANY fans to see the band live in Manila in November. With every purchase of the vivo V25 series you get the chance to score free tickets to the A Picture Perfect Night with LANY concert presented by vivo Philippines. Philippine fans can purchase the vivo V25 series via vivo’s official website, Shopee, Lazada and all vivo stores and kiosks across the country.



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