Sony annonce déjà la date de sortie de la PS6


Has there been a wrong strategy or marketing strategy from the Sony part? The manufacturer has a laissé échappé une premiere information sur la PS6. In fact, celle qui succèdera à la PS5 que l’on n’arriver toujours pas à trouver en stock enough to sort for the two of you, arriving in 2027. Comme pratiquement à chaque nouvelle génération, sept ans separera la PS5 de la PS6 .

La PS6 in 2027

The British regulatory body Competition Markets Authority (CMA), an investigation into the Microsoft-Activision merger, published a week later in two new series of documents with very interesting information. One of the documents has Sony’s statement and statements about the CMA’s concerns about the rachat. Read Sony’s comments on a perk of the new generation PlayStation console, the PS6.

sony ps6 loo

If all goes well, Sony will be present at the 2027 PlayStation 6 sorting. It’s possible that the PS5 will make a cycle from Sept ans, leaving more room for the PlayStation 4. Aucun detail on the new PS6 has no confirmation or dispute, it’s an idea of ​​sorting calendar for the new PlayStation.

Sony did not mention the PS6 and faisant reference à la façon the absence of Call of Duty for a new mode of manner on the PlayStation board, auto de plus and plus the consommateurs choose the material Xbox au détriment de la PlayStation. Ceci, contrary to expectations, is based on the prediction that Call of Duty exclusif aux plate-formes Xbox – ce que Microsoft publishes promises of plusieurs reprises, de manière distinguished en claire – and Sony fait valoir that cela pourrait réduire de confluence dans l space equipment.

The meme, in the comments that appeared publicly on October 26, Microsoft announced that Call of Duty on PlayStation is unique “obviously there is no time for judicieux”. A period in early 2027 – or any other court (more than one court) unilaterally determined by Microsoft as “conviction” for Microsoft – is insufficient. At the time our SIE started the launch of a PlayStation console (that is, the product alentours de ), aura perdu l’accès à Call of Duty en autres titres de Activision, ce qui la rendra extreme vulnerability au changement de consommateur and à la degradation subséquente de sa compétitivité.

Suppose SIE has the capacity and resources necessary for the developers of a franchise or success comparisons with Call of Duty, the faudrait of the great nombreuses and the billions of dollars for a Call of Duty competitor – and the example the Battlefield d’ EA montre that the tels efforts are seraient plus que problemlement voués à l’échec.

The PS5 Slim from 2023, the PS5 Pro from 2024

In 2027, date on which the prochaine présidentielle française came out, Sony performed a sort PS5 Slim des l’annee prochaine. On the rumours, outside the dimensions (well), you can include a Blu-Ray reader that can be removed.

How much on the PS5 Pro, a plus that suits you in 4K at 120 fps will be patient in early 2024.

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