Soldes 3ème démarque : Huawei et Devialet s’associent sur cette enceinte Bluetooth en promotion !


News coupon plan Soldes 3ème démarque: Huawei and Devia can team up with Bluetooth in promotion!


If one of the leaders of the category objects is connected to one of the leaders of the audio of the universe, there is a remarkable Bluetooth supervisor, and it is possible to keep a sold pendant of 3 years.

Soldes 3ème démarque: The built-in Bluetooth of Huawei and Devialet

In the big mouth of Bluetooth, there are more brands that can provoke and have a good aura that are very hard to rattrap. By all means, the mélomanes models can prohibit the rates for the community of the mortars and fulfill their obligations les outsiders qui tentent de se démarquer sur un secteur sur lequel on les attendait pas.

Acheter Sound Joy at 89€ chez E.Leclerc

Si Huawei encores an actor major de la mobilité and a montré son savoir-faire dans l’univers audio avec plusieurs paires couteurs sans fil plutôt réussi, voir the great chinois arrives on the march of the enceintes Bluetooth ne semblait past forcément évident.

Huawei and était d’ailleurs can conscientiously lazy-même puisque pour cette enceinte Sound Joy, it is associate à la marque française Devialet explore the mouth of the world to gain experience in the world of audio.

It is a habituation commercial with a price of 129€. On every occasion sold, E.Leclerc vous fait bénéficier d’une remise de 40€ sur ce modèle, ainsi vous pouvez profiter du savoir-faire Devialet au price of 89€ pour une durée limitée.

Sold to use Bluetooth by Devialet and Huawei

Bluetooth is part of the plus categories, the mobile face of one of the stars of the domain, it comes to JBL Flip. The format of this Sound Joy is quasiment identique and subit donc une comparaison unavoidable.

If you are using a portable device, you have a single option to clear the way and you can import it without restrictions. There is great mobility with a solidity that can serve as an example and be used by everyone Huawei has a prevu une certification IP67 you may not risk paying the venerable grace as a son.

Equipped with a two-voice high-parleur system, present a sone with only 79dBA up to 2m. The structure is composed of a high parleur de 20 à diaphragm carbon for help with the bass frequencies. Most accents are accentuated by a passive radiator “push-push” which reproduces bass without saturation. The mediums and aiguës are assured of a tweeter in a single spot of 10 W.

With a battery of 8800 mAh, Huawei announces the last 26 hours of autonomy ce qui vous amène à pouvoir prévoir de long moment musicaux d’autre que la recharge 40W vous permet the recupérer 1h the reading and 10 minutes of charging.

Acheter Sound Joy at 89€ chez E.Leclerc

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