Si l’iPhone et les AirPods étaient un seul et même objet, ça donnerait ça : l’iPro


Après avoir à de nombreuses reprises les clients d’Apple and propriétaires d’iPhone se plaindre de la perte (trop) facile de leurs AirPods, Zarruk Taiser, a visualizer and designer, a souhaité proposer à la marque une alternative idéale die fusionnerait au cœur d’un seul and même appareil, l’iPhone and the ses écouteurs. A perfect solution for garder près de soi tous ses electronic accessories. As an example of the Apple Watch, the designer has created an overview of the conceptual images that could yield a potential future product. It is possible that there is a problem with the separation of AirPods and smartphones.

D’apres Hypebeast, Be inspired by the concept of the phone designed by Samsung to reimagine the iPhone. If you want, you can use applications through a tactile app. It seems that the photo of the model of the iPhone 13 Pro, has three different objects and a capacity of 8K. Between the two pleated pleats, the AirPods. Named fictitious “iPro”, it can be seen as a versatile and wearable piece of clothing. The concept is not Zarruk’s idea Display the interpretation of the concept of the phone on the phone, and you can use a useful tool to reduce the space. More than a little plus the problem of using all the applications so brilliant in the field of 6.1 or 6.7 Apple smartphone cases. If the moment is not easy, the “iPro” for the engineers of Cupertino can be a track for a moyen astucieux of integrated AirPods in the other products. Reste à voir si Apple validera la proposition innovante de ce designer.


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