Samsung transfère plus de brevets 5G à Huawei, jusqu’à 180 au total !


In the course of the past few days, there have been several reports about the collaboration between Samsung and Huawei. The report confirms that Huawei has an authorization from certain brands of Samsung and the counterpart who are sure that they have 5G and not 5G. Maintenance, a new report from The Elec confirmed that Samsung managed to renew 98 certifications from moving to Huawei University. There are 81 patents that Samsung transferred to Huawei in 2019. Now the time has come, the sud-core company has transferred a total of 179 patents to Huawei.

Samsung and Huawei signed an agreement in 2019 for the license for different types of licenses. The name of the patents that Samsung transfers to Huawei is probably the difference between the agreement of the croisée license. It is subject to contract renewal. The portée des brevets concerns comprend les brevetten liés aux télécommunications, à la charging, à l’appareil photo, à l’affichage et autres. Certain brevets familiaux américains inscrits au register coreen on également été attributes.

If you agree with the licenses croisées, a partie paie parfois plus the frais de license que l’autre partie. Cela est dû aux differ in the name and quality of the patents between the two parties. In 2016, Xiaomi and Microsoft signed a similar license agreement, Xiaomi pays probability plus car is a short term.

Litigation about the patents Huawei and Samsung

The differences between the patents between Samsung and Huawei are concerned with the patents related to mobile communications, Huawei detenant plus the patents. Samsung is amenable to transferring the brevets cars in accordance with the croisée license for the 5G brevets. And of course, Samsung and the shortcut to Huawei. Huawei is working on license revenue from patents that interdire and separate various vendors from the Honor mobile phone brand. In fact, the turnover of the company of origin des brevets on augmenté.

Huawei Samsung

Après que Huawei has announced the signing of a global licensing agreement by Oppo Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. about the standards of 5G and the essential technologies of patents, Huawei and the Samsung group have agreed on the licenses croisées sur leurs ensembles de brevets essentials standard respectively.

The agreements of licenses croisées de brevets font généralement référence à deux marques ou plus avec de bons brevets’accordant mutuellement des licenses pour leurs droits de brevet decents sous surees conditions. Les licenses croisées de brevets reflect the respect of the parties for intellectual property rights. If you have time, don’t forget to use the patents. Ceci est propice à la promotion des échanges technologies et de la recherche and development. The four-year product of most products on the market.

The mobile division of Samsung has developed a newly developed phone. to rest

The Samsung Exynos cannot be used in the mobile phone market. For this reason, Samsung is obliged to use the different types of Snapdragon devices. Although the apple during the quatrième quarter of the night, Qualcomm has renovated the Galaxy S23 used the SD8 Gen 2 in the world. Samsung’s three mobile phones (Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra) are available on Geekbench. The list of Geekbenchs used for the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. According to The Elec, Samsung has not abandoned its plans to develop computers on the Internet.

Actualité mobile (sous-titrée) by notre partenaire de la semaine

Systems Samsung

Counterpart of the nombreuses années, Samsung confiscated Exynos production to Samsung’s System LSI division. It is a distinct entity of Samsung’s MX (Mobile eXperience) division. Choose a new report, Samsung has started training a new development of puces/AP. équipe au sein de sa mobile division. The unit has been subpoenaed by Vice President-Executive Choi Won-Joon. It is a new Samsung from 2016 and origin of Qualcomm.

It is rumored that Samsung made an exclusive personal premiere for the Galaxy S series in 2025 four years ago. At the moment, the society has a first in 2023 and 2024.

Huawei’s new patent can improve airline air transportation efficiency

Alors que beaucoup connaissent Huawei has released a brand of «mobile phones», the société chinoise fait bien plus que des téléphones mobiles. Huawei implies a general technology for communication with voitures intelligence. Selon le China Patent Pub. Annou. de l’Office national de la propriété intellectuelle (Question publication number: CN115470881A), Huawei Tech. submitted an application for an intitulée certificate «Method and dispositif determination of aviation strategy». The agency has reached an agreement with Huawei Tech.


The overview of the brevet montre qu’il proposes a procedure and a decision making of the airspace strategy. Le procédé comprend: Obtaining a premier model, the premier model is obtained on the basis of the premiere apprentissage, and les premières-apprentissage comprennent les premières information about aeronef during a period. Learn about the flight of a second during the premiere period, and the strategy of the flight during the premiere period. The first parameter obtains content from the information about the trois avions during the premiere period. The whole season information of the second period and the whole season information is a quarter of the sky that converges during the second period. The premier paramètre is inside the premier modèle for obtaining the strategy of the airspace of the troisième.

The resume of the brevet montre que la méthode comprend:

  • Get the premier modèle, the premier modèle is based on les premieres données d’apprentissage
  • Obtain the first parameter selon S620 obtenu par la formation
  • Enable the first parameter in the premier modèle for the S630’s entire aircraft strategy

Based on this method, the multi-agent can make a manual autonomous l’itinéraire de l’avion grâce to a large quantity of education and training. It is possible to adjust the speed of the aircraft on the route. It can contribute to optimizing the distribution of power in the terminal zone and improving the efficiency of air transport.

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