Rush Rally 3 ajoute le multijoueur cross-platform !


Next time during the Rush Rally 3, you are excellent in Brownmonster course, it will be in use. The most important thing about this version is that you can use multiple cross-platform multi-joueurs, giving you every chance to attack the world’s joueurs, maybe import iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch or other PC. Une excellente nouvelle qui s’accompagne d’autres changements intéressants.

Rush Rally 3 in a day

As for the first sort (and not a test), Rush Rally 3 continues with the teams with new pluses. There are several ways to adjust the position of the HUD (the indicators displayed on the course) in different ways. Based on version 1.126 of graphics improvements on the latest devices, notamment with plus the particles and the poussière, there is appropriate support for the major parts.

If you are a good looking man, Rush Rally 3 is definitely the simulation of the rally that is more authentic and realistic on the App Store.

Brownmaster’s petits gars propose courses at 60 images/second, by the terms and by all means. Rouler de jour, de nuit, sous la pluie, sur la neige or la terre battue n’est jamais pareil, et chaque paramètre modifie the grand prize en remettent en cause les aptitudes du pilote qui sommeille en vous. The titre est d’ailleurs compatible avec les manettes.

If you are not looking, the vehicles that have changed can contact a first-order graphic. At one point, on one of the 72 pistes, on sent passion du studio qui bénéficie désormais de près de 20 ans d’expérience en la matière.

Want a déjà joué in a Rush Rally? Vous préférez RR 3 or RR Origins is a mix between the premier and the troisième opus avec un vue de haut?

Telecharger Rush rally 3 €5.99

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