Rumored Vivo phone makes 120W charging sound like a relic of the past


There’s no doubt that Chinese smartphones are way ahead in terms of charging, with 65W charging now the new baseline for 2022 mid-rangers, even if Samsung struggles to get 45W right. The batteries of such phones are perfectly capable of filling to the brim in about 30 minutes. But engineers there seem to have a fire in their guts for faster yet juice speeds. The OnePlus Ace, for example, comes with an absolutely insane 160W charging brick. And if that wasn’t enough, there are now rumors of a record-breaking 200W charging phone.


With a post on Chinese blogging site Weibo, popular tipster Digital Chat Station (via GizmoChina) has revealed that Vivo is working on a new handset that will pair with a 20V/10A charger – that’s an insane max power of 200W or nearly ten times faster than what the latest iPhones support. Competitor Xiaomi had shown off a modified Mi 11 Pro last year that fills up to 50% in an eye-watering three minutes at the same charging speeds, so it’s safe to assume the upcoming Vivo will be just as intoxicating at that.

Aside from those insane speeds, the charger will also be backward compatible with Vivo’s other standards like 120W, 80W and 66W, which means you’re theoretically fine to carry around this single adapter for all your devices if you’re a multi-device kind of person. A charging brick may support some universal specs, but when it comes to ultra-fast speeds, they’re mostly a matter of ownership.

But all this begs the question: do we need something faster than 120W? Anything over 100W already means your charging worries are a thing of the past – even at 0% you can just plug your phone in before you shower, unplug it in minutes and hit the road with enough battery to last you through the day. Then there are also concerns about the impact on battery health (as sister company Oppo acknowledges), and the charging bricks themselves – the faster they get, the bigger they get: the 160W charger we mentioned above rivals laptop chargers in size, and a 200W unit could be even chonkier. Still, we’re happy to give Vivo a shot and see how it all turns out.

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