Révolte en Chine dans la plus grande usine d’iPhone du pays


Apple peine de plus en plus à faire fabriquer ses produits en Chine. The major manifestations have a curious character and the large use of iPhone manufacturing in China. Cette usine est la propriété du sous-traitant taiwanais Foxconn.

It is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, in the center of the country.

The videos and photos scattered across the Weibo and Twitter social networks are the most important reports from the AFP. The images on display record an employee error on a street antagonizing the police.

Un confinement qui continue

Debut November, the autorités chinoises have a vaient décrété le confinement of the zone autour de l’usine, après la découverte d’un foyer de cas de Covid-19.

Foxconn has faced the most people in a Covid-19 home on a huge site, with more than 200,000 salaries, plus the street in place. Foxconn made the decision to limit the site with interior content. More than the centaines of labor panics are available for the fuite à pied il ya quelques semaines.

The demonstration held here resembles strict political confinement of the company and the Chinese authorities.

Apple produced 2 to 3 million iPhones in the past quarter

The situation is an incident on the livraisons of the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple assures that the book contains “plus faibles qu’anticipées”, with a four-week delay.

According to the calculations of the special TrendForce case, Apple produced 2 to 3 million iPhones in the past quarter due to the return in Zhengzhou. L’objectif is estimated at plus 80 million.

Apple fait actulement fabriquer plus the 90% of its products in China. Et cette situation of owner-occupied housing perdure depuis deux ans.

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