Remplacer la batterie de son iPhone soi-même, c’est possible


Replace the iPhone’s battery whenever possible. It is not easy to work, aujourd’hui, avec les kits de reparation proposés par iFixit notamment.

You can ensure that you are confident in your recovery iPhone, you can use Apple’s repair kit or not. For example, the battery and the battery can be easily changed. Using iFixit’s components and tools will help you go through your time relationships. Andrew Lanxon, op CNET, we are going on an adventure to replace iPhone 6 battery. Pour a new iphone plus remember apple suggest comme components. This article contains more questions you can ask about your topic.

Avant de vous lancer, sachez que ce genre d’operations est à vos risks and dangers.

1. Want to replace an iPhone battery?

The batteries are not reliable. Sur l’iPhone, the message “If the iPhone is one of the few ways to charge the battery, it is optimally needed. Le mode performance management a
is active to reproduce.” cannot be imported as an example if the battery is used at a certain point.

Dans ce cas, ce sont toutes les performances du téléphone qui sont impactées. There are even more options for replacing the battery.

2. Can I replace an iPhone battery?

You may be economically viable to litigate your replacement. iPhone holder, old price, asking price for Apple for the replacement, price for new battery, etc. The parameters integrated for your device can go in several directions.

In that case, you may replace your device’s battery with Apple’s fair price.

3. Wondering if the iFixit battery replacement kit?

If you have a kit, there is a battery that is an Apple battery, and you have an iPhone of the iPhone 12. You can also use the devices that you need to turn off your cell phone or old battery. You can choose to use a sèche-cheveux for the colle.

4. Does the battery replace the warranty?

If an iPhone voids its warranty, chances are it’s out of warranty.

5. Did the process go like this?

The answer is not easy. iFixit’s guide details the tape, more certain points can be delicate. Notamment quand il faut chauffer pour faire fondre la colle, mais pas trop chauffer pour endommager la batterie ou d’autres composants.

For example, you can no longer ripen. Il faut avoir la main un minimum sure. If you have the bricoler habit, it can’t be hard.

6. Can you replace your iPhone’s battery?

Même without knowledge of the bricolage, the operation is simple. When the battery retires, iFixit can cause your phone to run low on iPhone referrer. C’est effectiveness le cas, mais sures pourraient se sentir un peu leavenés à ce stade.

7. Replace an iPhone battery or the coup?

Comme expliqué precédemment, cela dépended de l’âge et la la valeur de votre téléphone. If you don’t have headphones, it’s easy too, the risk is great. If it’s a recent iPhone, iPhone 12, 13 or 14, it’s likely Apple does. The economies you can justify are not justified if the risks of endommager are an appareil si onereux.

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