Redmi A1+ Giveaway – Test Your Knowledge & Win!


For the holidays, we wanted to share something special with you, so we decided to give away a smartphone, the Redmi A1+. It’s a good smartphone with a capable processor and there’s no match for it in its price range. To enter this competition, there are some requirements that you must strictly meet, including taking a short quiz added to this page.

Read on to learn how to enter, when the winners will be announced and more.

How to participate in the Redmi A1+ Giveaway?

Do this step by step (any missed step, the entry is not counted)

  1. Follow @phoneworldpk and @xiaomi.pakistan on Instagram.
  2. Like @PhoneWorldMag and Xiaomi Pakistan on Facebook.
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  4. follow us on twitter @phoneworldpk.
  5. Share this page on your Instagram and Facebook Stories and tag 03x Friends.
  6. Complete the quiz below with the correct answers.
  7. Comment in the comment sections below that you have completed all the steps along with your full name.

Announcement winner

The winner of the Redmi A1+ will be announced on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. All quiz participants with correct answers will be part of the giveaway contest if they complete all the above steps (each entry will be checked). If a step is missed or skipped, the entry will not be counted.

Share it with your friends and family and let them participate in this giveaway too.

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