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Have you ever wondered why vivo phones always offer incredible features for a better phone experience? It’s because vivo is committed to not only bringing the latest technology into its smartphone lineups, but also wants to provide the best for its consumers. As can be seen, vivo has managed to take the second spot in the list of top 5 smartphone brands in the Philippines this year, according to global technology research firm Canalys. Proving the power of vivo smartphones, the brand recently released the vivo Y22s, an all-round mobile phone that not only gets things done but is sure to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.

In the mobile gaming community, honing your skills is essential, but your phone’s capabilities should never be put aside as they affect your overall efficiency. Techradar listed what a reliable gaming smartphone should look like, including impeccable performance, a high-resolution screen with a high refresh rate, and good battery life – the vivo Y22s has it all covered.

Unleash the full potential

Dedicated to bring you the best features in one phone, vivo designed the vivo Y22s to rock your gaming experience. Slay the enemies and shout victory as the vivo Y22s guarantees seamless gameplay, all thanks to the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 with 6nm platform technology processor. This processor guarantees that the vivo Y22s can handle your mobile gaming needs and let you play intense matches for about 5 rounds by efficiently managing the power consumption while boosting your gaming performance.

The vivo Y22s not only improves its core processor but also makes it more efficient for the users to experience limitless possibilities through its 16GB of dynamic RAM. Unleash the full potential of the vivo Y22s by installing all your favorite mobile games and applications without worrying about compromising the phone’s response speed. The vivo Y22s can run up to 10 applications simultaneously without compromising your race or battle.

Experience a fully immersive game

Whether you’re a casual or veteran player, you’d want to consider a phone that has both a high-resolution screen and a high refresh rate. Designed to deliver superior performance, the vivo Y22s offers a 90 Hz refresh rate combined with a 6.55-inch LCD HD+ display and a screen resolution of 1612P for a vivid and clear image even in bright outdoor lighting. Simply put, it allows a phone’s screen to keep up with the game action and reduces motion blur on video, giving you that uninterrupted in-game action.

Play uninterrupted

Good battery life is one of the most important aspects that gamers consider when purchasing a smartphone. Thankfully, the vivo Y22s packs an impressive 5000mAh battery system which is more than enough to support a run of games per day. What’s even more exciting is that you can play for up to 9 hours straight when the battery is fully charged. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waiting a long time for the device to charge, as the vivo Y22s supports 18W FastCharge technology that lets you easily bounce back to collect dog tags and aim for that win.

Maximize almighty performance

To take you to a new height in the mobile gaming scene, vivo has equipped the vivo Y22s with Multi-turbo 5.5 and Ultra Game mode technologies. Once powered on, the vivo Y22s enhances your gaming performance with a more immersive in-game vibration and improved game visuals through the Eagle Eye enhancement feature. With Esports mode activated, you can configure a more professional level of gaming where you can balance your adaptive frame rate against the temperature of the phone.

Say goodbye to game interruptions with the vivo Y22s’ “Do Not Disturb” and “Game Picture-in-Picture” features. Users can choose a completely uninterrupted playing time or be in the game while also sending and receiving important messages in real time.

To top it all off, the Ear Customized Audio effects let you play as if you were in a totally different world, giving you that professional gaming experience like no other.


The vivo Y22s is available nationwide in two variants: the vivo Y22s 8+128GB costs Php 12,999, while the vivo Y22s 4+128GB costs Php 10,999. Installment is also available through Home Credit and credit card plans, giving you the chance to take home an exclusive limited edition Bluetooth neckband earphone when purchasing the vivo Y22s 8+128GB variant.

In more exciting news, vivo Philippines has launched its Christmas Giveaway Festival, Paskong La vivo Loca. Join the amazing games of #vivoChristmasParoleta2022 and #vivoChristmasLuckyBoxRaffle for a chance to win nearly Php 2M in prizes and promos you won’t even try to miss! The promotion will be available from November 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023 in in-vivo kiosks, concept stores and major multi-brand stores across the country.

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