pourquoi il faut choisir un autre modèle au Black Friday ?


Conclusion, Amazon vous nous tenir en haleine jusqu’à la fin du Black Friday. So, I am organizing an event about the excellent iPhone 13. Show a quality report of the price of the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 has received a minor disappointment that was announced in September. Our signature techniques are similar to iPhone 13 mobile phones, within minutes of battery and one of many enhanced photos. This, rien de très significant quand on connait la prix différence between the two generations.

Alors que les iPhone 14 démarrent à 1019 euros, les iPhone 13 remainder toujours sous la barre symbolique des quatre chiffres. For Black Friday, Amazon donne meme one argument and plus qui pèse en la faveur de la génération 2021. The iPhone 13 with 128 goes to 840 euros or to 909 euros through an offer. Attention, be sure to worry about the verte et bleu version: there is a good chance that the stock will break.

You benefit from the offer on Amazon

Much earlier editions of Black Friday, Amazon is not aggressive with the iPhone generations. In fact, Apple can make the official agencies pay the price. About the fact that I took a small trip on the iPhone 14 128 Go for 976 euros instead of 1019. Phew, it costs 1000 euros.

At Amazon, Apple has the honor of selling the iPhone 13 and 14. You can guarantee your rights and guarantees that your achété is in a boutique physique. Amazon offers a long return client: you have the option to display your smartphone on January 31, 2023.

Has the iPhone 14 become more popular?

There is no compliqué of your report that is worth the price of the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 and is the prime minister’s favourite. Quasiment 200 euros moins cher que le modèle présenté in septembre, il offre une fiche technique qui est quasiment identique. Apple has not bothered to use integrated processor A16 Bionic dedans: the first fois qu’il distinguishes the processor between the iPhone classics and the Pro models.

This, the two processors A15 Bionic and A16 Bionic can tell each other’s differences (compare it with an iPhone 13 and an iPhone 14 Pro donc). Par ailleurs, the design of the two generations is the meme. You can change the colors and the format remains the size, control and finishes of aluminum.

In the batch photo, the iPhone 13 and 14 look very similar. On retrouve un double capteur sur le dos avec grand-angle en ultra grand-angle. If you plan to use Face ID, you can capture a 12 MP selfie suitable for filming in 4K. Apple distinguishes video batch coincidence, and it’s an important point for all iPhone apps.

Finally, on the autonomy of the lot, the iPhone 13 does not have different models 14. Most minutes last minutes and more than the iPhone 13. Finally, the last two hours plus a trip have no problem. A noter que vous pouvez profiter de la charge rapide 18W pour retrouver une bonne partie de la battery en moins d’une heure.

You benefit from the offer on Amazon

Amazon mise sur apple

Today, Black Friday aura mis en lumière tous les produits Apple. About Amazon, based on your opinion of the products à des tarifs plus abordables. It is suitable for the iPhone 14 and 13, the MacBook or the iPad. Most people will have a break in stock that is the same. If all goes well, the iPhone 14 Pro cannot be used as a stock break over time.

Black Friday exporters are no longer able to purchase the iPhone 13 stocks. This alternative to the iPhone 14 is the most suitable for a product that is most suitable. If you have bought an iPhone plus an old model 12, if you are more likely to grab this opportunity. Cela vous assure encore de belles années devant vous avec un product très puissant.

Bien évidemment, you can’t get aucune draw in Apple’s boutiques, not on the official site. Doing so will let you choose through Amazon if you have the choice. You can get guarantees and benefits that you can expect. Lorsque Amazon vous a livré your product, vous pouvez l’inregistrer sur le site Apple. Cela vous aidera à le suivre et obtenir de l’asside si besoin. You can make an appointment with the Apple Store, where the site is official.

Pour découvrir les offres, c’est par ici :

You benefit from the offer on Amazon

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