Où est fabriqué l’iPhone ?


“Designed by Apple in California”. Last year, Apple met an avant ce slogan and supports communication, laissant que l’iPhone (and other Pommés products) is a factory in California, at Etats-Unis.

It is possible that certain elements of the premium smartphone or the sale of a global issue about your terres, the iPhone’s superiority against the clocks. Contrary to the ideas of others, it is just a product ” Made in China “.

More information, our most used iPhone factory? In reality, the product that the plus-vendu dans l’Histoire d’Apple a déjà fait un tour du monde avant d’arriver dans je poche.

L’iPhone, globe

The iPhone’s journey across the world begins with component analysis. As for the clock manufacturing, Apple is four times in different money. La dalle provient de Corée du Sud, soit chez Samsung soit chez LG (selon les modèles). The distant protection of the gorillas is in use at Corning, located in the Etats-Unis, in Taiwan or in Japan.

Whether in California, TSMC’s factory in Taiwan. Quand à la RAM and the memory storage, there are factories of Kioxia au Japan.

The other components include products between Etats-Unis and various countries in Asia. It is possible to connect a 5G modem to the port of small devices that depend on the devices that are nearby.

There are several factories, it is a principal in China, in the situations where Foxconn is in Zhengzhou. La bass, 300,000 ouvriers are quota exempt in a structure that resembles the advantage of a city in a house.

Selon Foxconn, a demi-million iPhones have been put together in most cases! There are many sanitation problems and the concentration of users in China, Apple is a train of retirees who earn their own money.

Vietnam and India, future Eldorado d’Apple

The production of the iPhone is different aussi se faire in India and au Vietnam. The raisons de ce choix are economic economic: ces deux pays sont plus stables en termes de geopolitique. Certainly, there are guarantees and benefits of business ventures that can invest in the industry.

Vietnam benefits from a geographical position at the center of Apple’s four niches (Chinese, Taiwan and Japan). It is a signed agreement with the trade agreements of the countries of South East Asia and it is a full party of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). D’ailleurs, Apple works déjà au Vietnam, notamment pour la fabrication of ses AirPods, depuis 2020.

In fact, there is a $6 billion investment for the tech companies of the whole world. The manufacturers of Xiaomi and Samsung collaborate with the industrialists of Bharat FIH and Dixon Technologies for the assembly of smartphones.

If you assemble the iPhone, Apple’s users can collect the parts from the market in the country and the other people in the world. Actuellement, l’Inde applique une taxe de 22% sur imported products, ce qui fait de l’iPhone le smartphone le plus cher du pays. And le fabric sur place, Apple serait donc plus compétitif.

D’ailleurs, transition and déjà begin. Certain iPhone 14 are déjà-assembled in India. La tâche est confiée à Foxconn, sur une toute petite partie de la production globale. Selon analysts, 5% of iPhone 14 products in India. Pour the moment…

By 2025, 25% of iPhone versions of the products in India and 65% of AirPods assembled in Vietnam. “Designed by Apple in California… and assembled in Asia”.

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