On a testé l’iPhone de 2007, mais en 2022


On June 29, 2007, Apple released the phone. The iPhone, announced six months plus tôt, this is a revolutionary notre manière de communiquer. 15 years ago, nous nous sommes amusés à replacement nonre iPhone 13 par un iPhone 1.

2007, know that you are five years old. Nos plus jeunes lectorates and lectors are not so handy for the pre-iPhone, mobile phones or telephones cannot serve as passer des appels. The first smartphones, which have a name, are not of the devices that are intelligent. Whether it’s social media, photos, videos, web browsing or your videos… The iPhone, Apple or not, is a fact that the whole world is entering a new era. Celle de l’hyper connectivity.

On June 29, 2022, iPhone a fêté sa 15I candle. In 2007, Apple launched its smartphone with a « grand écran tactile » and Amérique du Nord (has arrived in France and November in Europe). Depuis, la marque californienne launches us a new version of its smartphone phare. Innovation of the année à l’époque, one of the great successes of the history of the year, the iPhone is bien grandi en s’est enrich the (très) nombreuses functions with the temporary, au point de rendre obsolètes the number of devices that can be used.

For iPhone 15th, Numerama eu idea of ​​sorting iPhone from first iPhone. Quinze ans plus tard, celui qui, à notre grande surprise, s’allume encore, a pris un sacré coup de vieux. Hanger 24 hours, we do not replace the iPhone 13 Pro Max with an iPhone to court, also with the name of iPhone v1, iPhone 2G or iPhone EDGE. Le tout vous is present dans Coming backyour new rendezvous video on Numerama, dédié à l’histoire des produits tech:

L’iPhone a tout change, voici son histoire

On January 9, 2007, Apple hosted a major press conference in San Francisco. When it comes to historical history, don’t let YouTube replay by seeing new viewers all the time, Steve Jobs made the iPhone. Ce qui était present à l’époque comme la fusion entre « a telephone, an iPod tactile and a revolution in Internet navigation » a quick fait le tour du monde. When Apple asks if there is a pari or an iPhone son, the promise is untenable, condamnée à décevoir dans un marché aussi compétitif que celui de la téléphonie mobile. You can succeed a second later with the brand and the imaginary face of Apple against BlackBerry and Nokia, the greats of history.

Six months later, the commercialization of the iPhone in court, including Apple. On June 29, I have a huge advantage of the Apple Store and the boutiques of AT&T américaines (Apple can choose a partner of the country, history of the commercialization of the device). The iPhone has immense success and a prouvé au monde entier que le produit presented by Steve Jobs n’était pas qu’un prototype. C’est le debut d’une grande histoire, qui a provoqué de très nombreuses revolutions technologiques. In November 2007, the iPhone arrives in France (partnership with Orange). Là encore, success is the rendezvous.

Steve Jobs presented the premier iPhone on January 9, 2007 // Source: Capture YouTube

In 2008 with the App Store, Apple created a new economy. There are millions of applications that really appear and have the allowed companies of your day, and include the mastodons (des réseaux sociaux, des streaming services, des géants du jeu video etc.). Progress, the iPhone most transformed into a photo device, a replacement GPS in voiture, an iPod tutorial, turned into a coin wallet, a permission to decouvre your video and the most transformed into a redoutable machine à tout faire. The smartphone is central to the neighbourhood. It is not possible without eux’s premier, the iPhone.

Bien sûr, Apple arrived later. The iPhone is a name that is used simultaneously, during a tour, without permission to change the number of the place. Use smartphones and other devices, ensuite and innovative on certain aspects and premier (Samsung and the big idea of ​​big devices, Google du center de notifications, etc.). Ultimately, iOS (iPhone OS autrefois) and Android n’a aucun sens. Without competition, technological progress plus spring.

iPhone 1 2G EDGE V1 Messages
The Messages application of the first iPhone cannot be used as an SMS sender, but also as an MMS. // Source: Numerama

April 15, the 2007 iPhone got a smartphone

Since 2007, Apple announced a new generation of iPhone. If you have a force majeure situation, you will arrive with GPS and 3G in 2008, FaceTime and Apple Silicon in 2010, Siri and iMessage in 2011, 4G in 2012, recon mission in 2013, the first generations and the contactless payment in 2014, the l ‘étanchéité in 2016, du bord aan bord in 2017 or de la 5G in 2020. The iPhone has been progressively developed by the newer suisses numériques, véritablement capables de remplacer tous les appareils de votre residence.

iPhone 1 2G EDGE V1 photo
Deux problèmes sont illustrés ici: l’écran manque de luminosité, l’appareil photo is mauvais. // Source: Numerama

As a result, the 2007 iPhone seems to be fading very slowly. Perhaps charming and convenient to manipulate, the first iPhone ne sait pas faire grand-chose, possess a very mauvaise quality, prend d’horribles photos and, surtout, est quasiment unusable in 2022 (la faute on an existing 2G non-existent and on the applications that are incompatible). The first (vrai) smartphone of history n’a plus grand-chose de «smart», du moins pour les contemporary requirements. Notre experience nous a permis de realiser une choice: les marques ne dormment pas depuis 15 ans comme on pourrait facilement le penser. The force majeure innovations are not strictly regulated and not jamais cessé de transformer notre quotidien.

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