offre démesurée sur le smartphone Apple qui vient de sortir


The iPhone 14 has a benefit of 7% off Rakuten. Si vous vouliez un téléphone Apple (très) récent sans mettre le prix fort, c’est le moment.

Rakuten offers déjà l’iPhone 14 at 929.99 euros au lieu de 999 euros. Soit une jolie baisse de 70 euros pour le dernier-né d’Apple. You have the option of paying in 4 fois et de récupérer 46.50 euros and Rakuten Points si vous faites partie du Club R. A good plan for a beautiful mobile phone with an Oled lumineux.

It is the best protection for a distant ceramic shield resistant to chocolate milk. Encore plus the protection, it is certifié IP68, ce qui le rent étanche. And plus the gain of a smooth image, you can give your son a star that possesses the deux haut parleurs. Connect and surf quickly, your iPhone 14 is compatible with 5G. Finally, with a size of 6.1 pouces, it is ergonomic to navigate easily.

Take advantage of the offer on Apple’s iPhone 14!

Apple is aware of the quality of this appareils photo. The iPhone 14 is no exception, and you can use two 12 megapixel modules, a portrait mode, an now off mode… and two plus encores. The quoi prendre de centaines de clichés dans toutes les conditions.

If you want to watch videos well, you can get the best movie maker in 4K and take advantage of the stabilization for an image you just got.

With a battery of 3,279 mAh, you can use all devices to complete your journey and you can quickly charge. Finally, the iPhone 14 is a mobile phone capable of performing executive tasks and adapting to all your preferences.

Pour profiter de la remise sur Rakuten, c’est ici

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