Noël 2022 : voici les meilleurs smartphones de l’année


The last quarter of the year is a brand name for a new generation of smartphones, perhaps a downturn in the market. However, Noël believes that the period propice pour conquérir les consommateurs. Et de belles innovations continue to exist.

Inflation, the electronic components approval issues and a montee of the recovered smartphones to be sold again in 2022, the market of new smartphones in 2022. Despite that, the manufacturers are still facing interesting new developments throughout the time in the last quarter of the year, consommateurs can look forward to the feasts of Noël. CNEWS offers a choice of adapted mobile phones for every budget.

Rates list the font recommended for the suggested retail price and there is no accounting for the quotes from the revendeurs.

An amount of 500 euros

Vivo Y35

If Vivo has your knowledge in the premium category, your chance of a great X80 Pro (at 1,300 euros) is great. C’est le cas avec ce Y35. For money of 300 euros, a smartphone that benefits from a current design, a memory of the base of the 256 Go (expandable several times via Micro-SD), a battery from 5,000 mAh, the three captured photos do not exceed the principal 50 Mpixels and 5G, which is a FullHD+ of 6.5 pixels. A technique interesting at the level of the price can sometimes regret the absence of an ultra-wide angle.

Vivo Y35, 279 euros

Motorola G82 5G


In 2021 Motorola has shown an interest in the French advance and in 2022 the volonté of the brand of the devenir confirmed a reference, notamment in the environment of the game. With the G82 5G, the manufacturer can build a mobile phone from a bubble Oled of 6.6 pouces and 120 Hz for 330 euros. Un atout interesting à ce level de prix, pour les sérievores et les cinéphiles. Son bloc photo se revèle polyvalent. Un très bon report qualité-prix.

G82 5G, Motorola, 329 euros

nothing phone (1)


Nouveau sur le marché des smartphones cette année, la marque londonienne Nothing a su capter les regarding a mobile phone tout en transparent, au design à la fois pop et sobre. Auto cette transparency is mise au profit d’un system lumineux qui n’est pass sans rappeler une ambiance néon. A jeu de couleurs is visible and by example d’identifier un correspondant grâce à sa teinte associée or bien encore de connaître le level de charge de la battery. The Oled of 6.55 is impeccable and the double clothing photo of 50 Mpixels provides a nice performance. If you stand out from the market, you can use a high proportion of recycled materials to take on an image and an environmental responsibility.

Telephone (1), Nothing, à partir de 469 euros.

Realme GT Neo 3T Dragon Ball Z Edition


Realme puts small petit-à-petit sur le marché français et se place régulièrement parmi les constructeurs proposant un bon rapport qualité-prix. Mais la marque se distingue aussi en proposant des collaborations inédites. This is the GT NEO 3T Dragon Ball Z Edition which is a homage appuyé of manga and represents the color and symbol of Son Goku’s title. A model that young people and fans of Akira Toriyama’s series sauront apprécier avec des icônes et des fonds d’écran personalisés. In parallel, Realme proposes to use an equipment à la hauteur de son prix puisqu’on retrouve a large Amoled 120 Hz interesting for the gaming note, associated with a processor Snapdragon 870 5G. Finally, a fast charge from 0 to 50% battery in 12 minutes.

GT NEO 3T Dragon Ball Z Edition, Realme, 499.99 euros.

An amount of 1,000 euros

Oppo Reno 8


With such a block of photos is fondu dans coque arrière, the opponents’ Reno 8 can have a design of great importance, lazily conferring a high price of the game without considering price excesses. At a cost of 600 euros, it’s time to create a full model suitable for photo enthusiasts, for serious players and gamers. Auto Opponent is distinguished by the section of the game with a bubble Amoled of 6.4 pouces, placed in the format 20:9e throughout its length. This is a block photo, on retro effective three cameras, with a flatter of the main camera of 50 Mpixels, with retro classics ultra wide angle and macro capture. Surtout, opposes the battery capable of remaining efficient for four years.

Oppo Reno 8, 599 euros

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro


There are two cell phones that have two positions to suggest Google and eventually do it. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have respective rates of 649 euros and 899 euros, but no longer for the models from 1,000 euros. Our design differs from a marché that is very aseptic and the finish is exemplary. The Pixel 7 has a 6.3-inch FHD display, and the 7 Pro has a large 6.7-screen QHD+ oscillation between 10 and 120 Hz. On our photo equipment plus complet sur le 7 Pro, more than the two that use the artificial intelligence of the clichés au piqué vraiment flatteurs. Note, Google assures you that you can spare your mobile phone for free. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have multiple offerings of an integrated VPN to protect données’ private privacy. «An integrated service of Google One», explanation at Google France.

Pixel 7, Google, 649 euros (128 Go) and 749 euros (256 Go), Pixel 7 Pro, 899 euros (128 Go) and 999 euros (256 Go).

Xiaomi 12T


Nouveau mobile from the Chinese brand Xiaomi, the 12T has a report qualité-prix quasi mbttable, tant la marque a su apporter a son appareil un vrai savoir-faire in terms de finitions et d’efficacité côté écran et photo. If the model Xiaomi 12T Pro for 1,099 euros remained to a higher price, the 12T, for 649 euros, put a smartphone or a compromise that does not have any ambition.

If the 5,000 mAh battery is integrated with a 120 W charger, a battery can be charged in minutes. There’s a complete photo suite with a 108 Mpixel main picture paired with an 8 Mpixel ultra-wide angle (which lets you see mieux faire quand même) and a 2 Mpixel macro. There is an Amoled of 6.67 pouces reste son point fort avec une dalle de quality pour savourer les contenus videos.

Xiaomi 12T, 649 euros.

An amount of 1,500 euros

Sony Xperia 5 IV


Après un Xperia 1 IV example of environmental sorting, Sony has made the Xperia 5 IV small for the end-of-year celebrations. A smartphone can be used to achieve much of the 6.1 pouces 21:9e. A typical format that shows films and series without black belts and permet d’offrir une vue panoramique sur sures jeux. As a titre, the excellent Oled benefited from a 120 Hz refinement. Au-delà de l’aspect ludique, the Xperia reste a modèle haut de gamme that has a photo equipment in the standards of plus models of 1,000 euros, with an autofocus effect né du savoir-faire from Sony in the material. Reproducing the definition at 12 Mpixels, the picture for the main captor is more than the ultra-wide and telephoto lens and the frontal module for selfies, allowing for more homogeneous pictures. A real smartphone.

Sony Xperia 5 IV, 1,049 euros


apple-iphone-14-pro-max-deep purple-geo_6380b3da32d06.jpg

The iPhone d’Apple can be used as a reference. The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro present themselves under the evolutions of the report of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro of 2021. Restore the striking changes and the appearance of a new format with the iPhone 14 Plus. A model that is distinctive is a large size of 6.7 cases, with 6.1 for the iPhone 14. It is Apple that has a model of size, including the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus that benefit from One of the meilleures dalles Oled du marché, a processeur A15 bionic (le meme que les iPhone 13) toujours vaillant et d’un quipement photo propre et sans bavure.

If you can use the Tourner against the iPhone 14 Pro for multiple encores in the game, you’ll find the new much more dynamic way to replace the game’s fame. A signature visual representation, containing small information tools with iOS 16. So the broken, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max lacks the processor A16 Bionic, one of the most powerful devices of the market. Finally, the photoblock has evolved with a main captor of 48 Mpixels, an Apple premiere, for more than versatility.

Apple iPhone 14 from 1,019 euros, iPhone 14 Plus from 1,169 euros, iPhone 14 Pro from 1,329 euros and iPhone 14 Pro Max from 1,479 euros.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro


In the absence of 5G smartphones, Huawei is ever present in the sector in which the two brands consider each other as rivals: Apple and Samsung. And finally, the Mate 50 Pro is a monster of the picture. C’est d’ailleurs la signature design que le constructeur chinois with avant avec son affichant un block impressionnant sur sa coque arrière. Huawei uses the camera «XMAGE», a technology worth buying a camera with «ultra grande overture focale». As far as the facts are concerned, it’s a nice innovation that allows the photographer to 10 variations with the overture for all f/1.4 to f/4. An amplitude that you can use to buy a hybrid camera allows the adapter to see the video on stage, for more than fidèle possible. A blatant note for the bokeh effect (flou d’arrière plan) is probably one of the main reasons for an iPhone 14 Pro.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro, 1,199 euros

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4


C’est le mobile star chez Samsung. Après un Galaxy Z Flip3 très remarqué l’an passé, la marque sud-coréenne proposes son-successor the Z Flip4 and gives way to efforts in the segment of smartphones à écran foldable. A segment that Samsung est pour l’heure seul à porter depuis 2019, me si la concurrête s’apprête à le rejoindre bientôt. Made once, with a gain of 6.7 pouces at a ratio of 22:9 at one of 120 Hz. Samsung enriches the experience with a small number of answers on the front of the offer plus interactions and a small chance. The photo batch is of excellent quality, but can appeal to any of the other smartphones over 1,000 euros. Un modèle toujours pratique et qui ne laisse pas insensible alors que la concurrence reste encore trop basée sur les mêmes designs.

Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung, from 1,109 euros

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