MrMacRight compare Wreckfest sur iOS, iPadOS, PS4, PS5 et Switch


HandyGames’ mobile version of Wreckfest, of course you can abseil on certain Destruction Derby, available for iOS and Android. Do not let the month of November and the figure of the runners top your cell phones with a manette.

If you compute the quality of the portage, MrMacRight can publish a comparison video on YouTube. The specialist in the analysis technique of jeux iOS, iPadOS and macOS, a comparison with Wreckfest on the various platforms. A unique opportunity of the découvrir commentary you functionne on a variety of Apple devices, and includes more recents of the iPhone 14 Pro, and a detail of the solution and the frequency of images.

A comparison of Wreckfest versions

The constat is without apple, MrMacRight is très content du portage realisé by HandyGames, avec un jeu complet (sauf le multijoueurs that arrivera prochainement) et des performance graphiques de premier ordre grâce à la puce M1, M2 or A16, dépassant surees consoles.

In an effort to support Apple TV (a cause of a limit of 4 Go per application), and the graphics capabilities for most people note on the iPad M1, iPad M2, iPhone 14 Pro. Apple’s latest devices are unable to perform encores, plus calculations and options for FXAA or 120 Hz anti-aliasing. You tour in 2K up to 60 FPS on iPhone 14 Pro, more on the other models of iPhone 14 Plus, maybe rest on the resolution Full HD and 30 FPS. If the mobile phone has the best performance on the 14 Pro, the thermal management system can control the capabilities of the automation of the process.

And beyond that, the ways the next Xbox and PS5 will no longer be supported.

If you know it, you have a good technique, more than enough parfait with one or two mises à jour.

wreckfest mobile iphone 14 pro

Watch the video of the different analyses, with the different chapters:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:37 – About Wreckfest:
  • 2:43 – MeltedVK
  • 3:22 – iOS/Switch/PS4/PS5
  • 7:39 – Control options
  • 9:05 – M2 version
  • 10:23 – M1 version
  • 11:10 – A16 version
  • 12:18 – A15 version
  • 14:38 – A14 version
  • 16:09 – A13 version
  • 17:26 – A11 version
  • 18:36 – A10 version
  • 19:50 – A9 version
  • 21:25 – Conclusion

Un jeu de course unique et de qualité

For the memory, Wreckfest Mobile, you can charge 24 voitures simultaneously in one course, proposals for courses based on tampons, queues of poisson, accidents and others. The realistic graphics and the names of the possibilities very prenant make the changes of the voiture not as easy as for honest joli, mais pour vous permettre de reporter la victoire en reforçant le grip, the rigidity, the acceleration , etc. .

You can use Wreckfest on mobile on the App Store and Google Play for Android. If you come across the price of 11.99 euros, you can buy 39.99 euros for Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation.

So, are you planning to test Wreckfest mobile? Le lien est juste en-dessous :

Telecharger Wreck party at € 11.99

wreckfest capture bowling ipa iphone ipad

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