MagicOS 7.0 est là, voici la liste des smartphones Honor compatibles


Honor the new MagicOS 7.0 interface that passed Magic UI 6.2. A premiere list of smartphones associated with the announcement.

Source: GSM Arena

Alors que Honor s’apprête presenter son Honor 80 and son probable capteur 160 megapixels, successor of Honor 70, the Chinoise company is announcing the arrival of a new interface, for Android 12, more than ever passer immanquablement sous Android 13 sur ses smartphones. Surprise, the interface that appeals to MagicUI 6.2 changes its name and uses MagicOS 7.0.

The first presentations of the brand on our site, on devine une mise à jour principalement esthétique. The icons of the applications that have been downloaded, the affiliate animations and the changed police requirements.

New techniques

The great chinois apporte tout de même quelques nouveautés en termes de fonctionnalités, qualifiées de «force majeure techniques». Lesson voices:

  • Magic ring : un nouvelle fois, To insist on l’interconnectivité de ses appareils. With PCs, phones and tablets, concert performers can use one of the most commonly used computers, with a harpsichord and souris.

  • Magic Live smart engine: sous ce terme, about the essential element deux éléments. YOYO, the assistant singer, did the petitioner of the voice of the tuiles who responded at the time, and applied for a plane ticket. The text reading and important identification of the copiers are easy to simplify.

  • Operating System Turbo X: This is definitely the point of interest, Honor promet des gains de performance avec sa nouvelle interface. The group chiffre le gain comme suit: fewer freezes hit certain applications by more than 43%, the temps de lancement of applications devrait baisser with average of 29%. Plus important encore, the automatic grappiller of five minutes supplémentaires grâce à une meilleure optimisation.
  • MagicGuard Glory security : so, there are several functions of your private life and safety, there is no possibility to counter fraudsters without more precision.

The list of compatible smartphones

Honor an official communiqué with a list of compatible phones with a calendar. Please note that the addressing of the Chinese market and the change requests of the report of the European market. Cela permet déjà de se faire une petite idée de qui sera mis à jour en premier.

December 2022

Honor Magic V
Honor Magic 3 Ultimate Edition
Honor Magic 3 Pro
Honor Magic 3
Honor V40

January 2023

Honor Magic 4 Supreme Edition
Honor Magic 4 Pro
Honor Magic 4

February 2023

Honor 70 Pro+
Honor 70 Pro
Honor 70

March 2023

Honor 60 Pro
Honor 60
Honor 50 Pro
Honor 50

April 2023

Honor X40 GT

May 2023

Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition
Honor X40
Honor X30

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