L’iPhone est toujours sous les 300 euros chez Fnac pour le Black Friday !


An iPhone d’Apple at the small price of new, if possible. Il suffit de se pencher sur les anciens modèles voire du reconditionné. Example of two days of Black Friday with refurbished iPhone SE in class A up to 300 euros à la Fnac!

The Black Friday is one of the most sold sellers, the iPhone gets a promotion with the price of Jamaica for the appareil vedette d’Apple. The iPhone and the iPhone 13 benefit from promotions and remain in the price relationship for the budgets (voir notre sélection). Whether you’re looking for a high-priced iPhone, you can ore and déjà vous tourner against Black Friday offers. Parmi les toutes meilleures offres mercredi, on trouve toujours l’iPhone SE version 2020 en reconditionné Grade A (soit la meilleure Garantie sur le reconditionné) at moins de 300 euros.

It is a 2020 iPhone SE model that has been proposed to the Fnac and its cousin Darty for 299 euros in version 64 Go. The Fnac group guarantees a restored state in France with 54 checkpoints, an erasure of the total number of données and a battery charge capacity of 85%. Cet iPhone est compatible avec tout type d’operateur. La Fnac offers a 12 month warranty on clothing. The charger and the charging cable have four devices that cannot be charged.

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