L’iPhone 15 utilisera un nouveau capteur photo de Sony doué en basse lumière


Apple’s iPhone 15 models feature all of the latest Sony display captivators, which form a rapport with Nikkei Asia.

As a standard report with captors, Sony’s component doubles the signal of saturation and the pixel chaque, making it possible to capture the light output of the camera to correct the sous exposure and the certain exposure. Nikkei confirms that the mieux photographer is able to see a personal face, such as for example.

A remarkable improvement on the clichés on the iPhone 15 Pro

Specifically, Sony uses a semiconductor architecture that places photodiodes and transistors on the various banks, which allows to increase the number of photodiodes. Whether you use the models of the iPhone 15 that use the latest technology from the captor, or Apple is limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 ultra, the latest models.

iphone 14 pro dos appareil photo

On the current state of affairs, the rumored iPhone 15 Pro aura plus features are exclusive only available in the models of the iPhone 15 standard, and includes an A17 brick of 3nm, a USB-C port , 8 Go RAM et, surtout, a technology of camera zoom mise à jour.

Apple is working on a telephoto lens with improved zoom capabilities from the iPhone 15 Pro, making it possible to go 10x without the quality squeeze, making some Android smartphones the go-to for marching.

Image capture technology Sony has indicated that if Apple considers using the iPhone’s main photo, the capture is likely to use a wide angle, car Apple generally uses a different technology for each object.

If you do this, there is an improvement in the price of light and there is a sufficient argument for selling the iPhone 15 Pro to Apple’s customers, how do you do that with an iPhone 14 Pro?

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