L’iPhone 15 pourrait tout changer en photo de nuit grâce à cette nouvelle technologie


Sony has prepared a new architect that will enable the iPhone 15 in a new dimension and a new picture.

Quand on an exceptional photo, the iPhone is not the only one that can use the best smartphone. Plus largement, on photo, la marque à la pomme semble accuser un peu le coup cette année, notre blind test photo you can use to place the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra – while DXOMark continues the invite in the top 4.

The Cupertino company appears to have a plan for recovering from the barre, and that’s the end of the proceedings. D’apres le media NikkeiSony, the four-year official d’Apple for photo capture, an integrated measurement of « nouveaux capteurs d’image à la pointe de la technology »backlit, from the iPhone 15.

Doubling of the saturation signal

How about a new captor? D’apres Nikkeiit’s double « the level of the saturation signal in the pixel of the report of conventional capturers ». Cela devrait permettre à la fois de capturer plus de lumière, mais also d’améliorer la management du HDR en réduisant la surexposition et la sous exposition. The medium has just started making a new technology for a camera of the captor’s phone, so that the image of a sujet même can be reproduced by a luminous forte derrière lui.

With its partner, Sony has a device-inhibiting integration of a new architecture of semiconductors. Celle-ci place “photodiodes and transistors in the different layers of the substrate, they can use the advantage of the photodiodes on the bench to capture them”. In fact, the advantage of photodiodes per mm² can be greater than the waist of the capturer and without reducing the size of the photodiodes. Whether it is, it can have an effect of a little revolution in the picture.

Sony has big ambitions in the CMOS capture market. Current, the firm nipponne possède 44% of the market, and premiere place, sirloin devant le deuxième du classement, Samsung, with a score of 18.5%. By early 2025, Sony was targeting 60% of the market share. As the image keeper of the aussi avancé that Nikkei pretends to be, he will play a major role in the provisional realization of the goal.

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