L’iPhone 15 pourrait être équipé du nouveau capteur révolutionnaire de Sony


Nous sommes vraisemblement encore à dix mois de l’annonce of the prochaine gamme d’iPhone d’Apple, l’iPhone 15, mais les rumours vont bon train. The reason why you are worried about iPhone 15 camera.

The main improvements of the iPhone 14 with new cameras are the main models Pro and, I have not yet seen new visitors that Apple has added new megapixels, the performances of the camera are significantly s’améliorer in all respects.

A new report from Nikkei Asia confirms this Sony has developed a new photo capture camera that doubles the saturation signal. Cela means there is a capacity to collect two light sources in the actual captors’ cell. In theory, cela devrait permettre de reduire le bruit et d’améliorer la plage dynamique.

The report added that cela permettra également de gérer la surexposition (images très lumineuses avec des details perdus dans la partie la plus lumineuse) et la sous-exposition (images très sombres avec des details perdus dans zones les plus sombres), ce qui permettra à la camera of l’iPhone 15 de produire des images claires dans des conditions difficiles, come to the conclusion that you deviate from another side of the day. It seems that the captain will view the exhibition of the arrival plan and the first plan for your parvenir.

The capteur uses a new semiconductor architecture that separates photodiodes and pixel transistors on different banks from the place on the même substrate.

Sony is not yet aware of the technology that the captor has developed exclusively for Apple and is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers.

Un capteur pour d’autres constructors

And fin de compte, la nouvelle technology de capteur for iPhone 15, there is an advantage of photo phones with a large number of current functions. The model of the plus of the game, which is probably named the iPhone 15 Ultra and not the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is a big chance for an optical zoom option.

D’autres marques se manifestent également, et la lutte sera donc serrée. Samsung, for example, is in the process of buying a Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200-megapixel captured image. Autres, with Vivo and Xiaomi, experimented with the captors of 1 pouce.

Pour a revenir on the iPhone 15, the beauty changes are ever present. Some reports, new models – or du moins les modèles haut de gamme – pourraient être dotés d’un material plus haut de gamme, titane, de bords incurvés et de boutons à l’état solid. It is certain that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra are equipped with a new level of 3nm. Outside, contrary to previous years, a distinction marquée between the two models is highly regarded.

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