L’iPhone 15 aurait un nouveau capteur de Sony pour prendre de meilleures photos en contre-jour


The iPhone 15 is equipped with a new photo from Sony « à la pointe de la technology ». The quality of the photos from the iPhone has improved significantly, but the photos taken in the future are not noticed.

The purchase of an iPhone is not possible the fall of 2023. Well, the premieres begin with déjà à pointer le bout de leur nez. Choose a new report from Nikkei, the four models of the iPhone 15 serial gear nouveau captor’s photo courtesy of Sony « à la pointe de la technology ». The captor makes it possible to take quality photos from iPhone. Elle is déjà excellente sur l’iPhone 14 Pro que nous avons testé.

Concept of the iPhone 15 © 4RMD / YouTube

With Sony’s captured photo, the iPhone 15 is able to prendre de meilleures photos en contre-jour and in mauve conditions of light. Comme l’a reporté Nikkei, « The integration of new photo capturer with the iPhone chains is crucial for Sony to consolidate the competition with the best definition of the photographer’s technology ».

The iPhone 15 for capturing a person’s face against the Sony captor’s camera

According to a standard report, Sony is able to double the saturation signal in the pixel chaque. As a result, I can capture the benefit of light and light réduit les effects of the certain exposition and the sub-exposition des photos. The new captor is a manufacturer of Sony Semiconductor Solutions in the American Japanese language of Nagasaki. Il sera ensuite expedié à Apple et aux autres fabricants of smartphones l’année prochaine.

With a captured photo, the iPhone 15, for example, can be seen by a photographer as someone who encounters it. Le capteur serait intégré à tous les modèles. Cela understand donc iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra. In fact, Apple tends to make big changes for the purchase of an iPhone.

If you don’t see the iPhone 15 as a new captor for capturing meilleures photos on the contrary, the aura of a different denomination is complete. The iPhone 15 Ultra has been replaced by the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the new version of the Apple Watch Ultra is the latest version of the Apple Watch. D’autres nouveautés attendues de l’iPhone 15 sont an objective periscope, an A17 Bionic port and USB-C port.

Source: MacRumors

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