L’iPhone 14 Pro Max pourrait devenir le modèle le plus populaire chez Apple en 2022


Apple can report produire plus iPhone 14 Pro Max on different versions arriving or the debut of the current purchase, different estimates of the livraisons d’écrans.

According to a tweet that is super followers, the analyst Ross Young has stated that Apple has got a good name on its iPhone 14 Pro Max, the model is more. D’apres ses information, 28% of panneaux products between June and September 2022 by destination by model model. The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 only sold 26%, while the iPhone 14 is up 19% at most.

Apple does not seem to be able to pay attention to the new iPhone 14 Max, causing delays in production. Néanmoins, Ross Young have expressed their views on this question and announced that the poster’s expeditions for the model « rattraperont beaucoup de terrain in september ». Cela suggester que tout problem d’approvisionnement initial au lancement devrait se resorber rapidement.

Apple participates in the ventes record de ses modèles Pro

As the chiffres following the production line, Apple will make iPhone 14 Pro Max as popular as this one, alors qu’il s’agit pourtant du modèle le plus cher. Those who say that America has improved the price of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max by report on current models, and the version 1 to the version of the plus large fortement of about 2000 euros.

Maybe it’s a nice price plus more, it’s not possible to buy your Apple computers on the Pro and Pro Max models. In fact, in turn the iPhone 14 and 14 Max are no more favorable to your updated reports on current models. If you see an example of a new version of the A16 plus rapide, you can use other versions of the car.

Apple does not use a new capteur of 48 MP des modèles Pro sur les classics ni le nouveau design qui va remplacer la célèbre encoche. The following news is important for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max The use of a nouveau capteur frontal for the selfies of meilleurs, mais nous ne sommes pas sûrs que ce changement convainque les propriétaires or recently the smartphone changer. If you care about a change in the report of previous iPhone data, it is possible that you do vous diriger vers une des deux versions Pro.

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